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Parental Involvement in Education

There is no use denying the fact that the issue of education is very important in the modern world. One of the main purposes of society nowadays is to guarantee stable development for children and make education affordable and efficient. That is why, a great number of papers are devoted to this issue. The given work is not an exception. The sphere of education is closely connected with relations between parents and children. With this in mind, the main purpose of the given article is to investigate the relationship between parent involvement in their childs education, such as helping with their homework or participating in school activities and parents expectations connected with their childrens education.

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The given topic is very important nowadays as education policy makers try to create the most efficient program, which will be able to satisfy every child and create the environment which will help to obtain knowledge in the most efficient way. That is why, such influential remedy as parents and their relations with a child should be used. On the one hand, parents can influence a pupil and make him/her study more carefully. On the other, it is very important for social workers to see that parents are involved in the process and really care about their childrens success. Moreover, according to the latest findings, parental involvement in the process has really positive influence on the results of a child (Cheung & Pomerantz, 2012). Nevertheless, cooperation between parents and children can help to establish relations between them (What research says about parental involvement in children’s education, n.d.) and avoid different problems which can appear because of the lack of communication (Parental Involvement in Schools, n.d). Furthermore, researchers say that the level of trust in the family is higher when parents help their children with educational issues (Monti, Pomerantz, & Roisman, 2014). However, on the other hand, some children can feel dissatisfaction because of intrusion in their private life and hyperprotection which they parents show (Back to school: How parent involvement affects student achievement, n.d.). Under these conditions, it becomes obvious, that the question of parental involvement in education of their children is very important and needs deep investigation.

Thus, it goes without saying that to answer the question whether parental involvement can be rather useful and appropriate for children or not some credible information is needed. It is necessary to take into account the point of view of children and teachers, who work with them, and compare results. Taking this fact into account, it is possible to suggest that a special study should be conducted in order to collect and process all data. That is why, National Household education survey will be used as the main source for the work. Additionally, information presented by early childhood education students will also be used. The choice of the given sources is not accidental and was predetermined by the affordability of the given data as it is available for public. If some specific variables are needed, permission to use protected data should be obtained.

It should be said, that the data obtained with the help of these sources can suggest a great number of possibilities for the further investigation of the given issue. However, there are also some potential limitations. First of all, it is obvious that the data could be too large and its analysis can take much time. Moreover, results obtained with the help of this analysis can be rather ambivalent. Though, it should be said that taking into account a great importance of the given issue, its investigation should be made and answers obtained.


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