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Abortion: Pros and Cons

Abortion should be illegal because unborn babies are considered human beings by the US Government, making abortion murder. Many religions believe that life begins at conception. By terminating the pregnancy, one defies the word of God. From the very second, an embryo has its unique genetic identity, so if nothing stops the process, it will develop into a human being. Terminating pregnancies does not only kill an innocent human being, but it also puts the life of the mother in danger. Even though abortions are safe, there are still a lot of short-term and long-term consequences, such as future miscarriages, infertility, and in some cases death. They also leave a profound mark on the psychological health of a woman, often leading to a sense of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

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Recently, there have been breakthroughs in genetics research, opening doors for selective pregnancy terminations, decided on how healthy the fetus is: nowadays, parents can determine various genetic mutations in early stages. Abortion enables discrimination based on disability, which is illegal in the US. Physical limitations do not make a person less human, so it is not just illegal but also unethical to engage in selective pregnancy termination.

A significant percentage of abortions are performed by teenage girls, who do not have a full understanding of one of the most life-changing decisions they make. They are more likely to make a snap judgment to end their pregnancy, followed by a life full of guilt and shame. A good alternative could be bringing the baby to full term and giving it away for adoption to people who cannot conceive. In the US alone, over 2.6 million families looking to adopt a child.

A lot of taxpayers do not support abortion, making it wrong to use their money for such services. The resources could be better spent on proper sex education for teenagers and preventive contraception methods.

Abortion should stay legal because it was declared a fundamental right, guaranteed by the US Constitution. Taking away the reproductive choice will not only be unconstitutional, but it will also enable the government to control people’s bodies, and no one knows how far they will decide to take it. Access to legal, professionally performed abortions ensures a safe medical procedure with little risks to a womans health. Abortions will not stop because they are not allowed by the government, they will happen in shady places with no oversight. Having to abort a baby illegally is dangerous and could end up in long-term health problems, or even death for the mother.

Abortion gives a woman a choice to not bring a child to life if she is not ready due to certain life circumstances to become a mother. Often those mothers, pressured into giving birth, and their kids end up on social welfare, continuing the poverty spiral and becoming a burden to society. For a child to grow healthy with all the needs met, he or she needs loving and being able to provide for parents. Terminating the pregnancy is a second chance for the mother to become financially independent and ready for motherhood.

Pregnancy termination might be the only option in case of rape. Rape itself is an unavoidably traumatic event, and making the woman carry the rapists baby furthers psychological harm to the victim. Terminating pregnancy allows women to get a reprieve from such excruciating pain and trauma and concentrate on healing.

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Unfortunately, not all pregnancies go as planned. Some people dream of having kids but discover that their fetus has profound abnormalities that will make their life painful and miserable. Another possibility is for the mother to develop complications that put her life in danger. Abortion might be a better option than a life full of suffering and pain for the mother and her baby.

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