Addressing the Needs of Children With Anxiety Disorders


The current technological progress has introduced numerous opportunities for the global community, yet it has also entailed a range of challenges and threats. The problem of anxiety among children is one of the outcomes that calls for an immediate change in the current legal and social frameworks since it affects vulnerable groups extensively. By introducing measures aimed at reducing anxiety levels among children, one will create an environment in which their emotional well-being will remain stable.

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Issue Description

The problem of anxiety in children is a common concern that requires urgent measures. According to recent reports, the levels of anxiety have been rising exponentially among children (Nemethy, 2018). Studies ascribe the specified phenomenon to the negative influence of modern technology and especially social media that keep children alert and creates significant social tension (Stasiak et al., 2016). Furthermore, since a large number of children may be unwilling to address their anxiety issues in front of their parents, it is crucial to introduce the support of professional nurses and the principles of non-disclosure in counseling services that nursing experts will provide to children. Family therapy may be suggested after several successful consultations performed by a Registered Nurse.

Therefore, legal standards regarding the provision of assistance to children suffering from anxiety disorders and prevention of the identified issue in vulnerable groups have to be designed. It is crucial to building a framework that will allow supporting children with anxiety issues. Since the latter is defined by the very environment in which the vulnerable groups live and interact, it is critical to establish a support system that they will use to address and mitigate the development of anxiety disorders.


The focus on the needs of children with anxiety disorders is critical since the described problem has been growing out of proportion recently. Reports indicate an increase in anxiety and phobia rates among children and teenagers (Nemethy, 2018). Moreover, there are strong indications that the observed tendencies are linked directly to the presence of technological factors and ubiquitous media in people’s lives (Stasiak et al., 2016). Therefore, legal and administrative changes are required to improve the emotional well-being of children in Florida and help them to cope with the stress factors that currently affect the quality of their lives.

Implications: Nurses and Patients

The proposed change will have a significant positive outcome for both patients and nurses. The former will receive the support that will allow them to manage their anxiety and recognize its symptoms to prevent it, as well as develop emotional intelligence, in general. Nurses, in turn, will benefit significantly by gaining a profound understanding of the causes of anxiety in children, as well as the methods of treating the disorder. Moreover, nurses may discover opportunities for inviting family members to join the therapy and assist children in overcoming their fears and anxiety.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The phenomenon of child anxiety has become a common concern in Florida, which calls for a change in the current legal and administrative standards for managing children’s needs. It is critical for children to receive the support of expert nurses that will offer them help in managing their anxiety. Thus, it is highly recommended to make the relevant changes in the current policies and introduce services for assisting children with anxiety issues and the associated concerns such as fears and phobias. Moreover, it is advised to vote on addressing the issue of confidentiality as one of the crucial aspects of counseling children with anxiety.


Nemethy, M. A. (2018). How to manage your child’s anxiety. Florida Today. Web.

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