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Addressing to Diabetes Dilemma

The central problem that this essay raises describes the characteristics of the U.S. health care system in the context of supporting patients with diabetes. More specifically, the essay examines the scientific necessity of patent law and the resulting lack of competition in the industry market as the leading causes of the dramatic rise in drug prices. The rise in price leads to legitimate difficulties in obtaining drugs promptly and in the correct dosage, which undoubtedly affects the overall quality of therapy.

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A close reading of the essay allows identifying episodes of the three rhetorical persuasion tools used by the authors. First, throughout the material, there are noticeable in-text references to authoritative sources, be they independent researchers or universities: this is a clear example of Ethos as a form of influencing the reader through trust. This is realized, among other things, through discussion of cited research results, even where repeated citations are inappropriate, the key results of scientific work must be highlighted. Second, there is an apparent periodic reference to Pathos in the work while attempting to give the conclusions an emotional coloring. In particular, the author seems to side with generic manufacturers when he accuses brand-name companies of continually extending patents. Finally, the description of the biological meaning of insulin production is a brilliant example of Logos. Additionally, it should be noted the extensive use of causality, which forms the basis for the entire essay: the paragraphs turn out to be connected through this mechanism.

At the end of the reading, I can firmly say that the most appealing element of the text was the thesis, which met all the academic requirements and presented a coherent statement. I also learned that a slight change in a drug’s formulation could extend patent rights, and brand companies abuse this. Although this was not a research topic, I became interested in learning about alternative therapies for diabetics. Finally, I am confident that with my expanding knowledge of the ENG 226 course, I can study such materials more critically and substantively, finding rhetorical and logical elements that I have not seen before.

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