Adler’s Children: Individual Psychology Theory

After birth, children start to make assumptions about their surrounding environments. A child’s position in a given family will dictate his or her developmental process. It is also notable that children will develop unique personalities based on a number of motivations, observations, and experiences. That being the case, parents have a role to intervene in an attempt to rear well-adjusted children and make it easier for them to maximize their superiorities. They can begin by empowering their children to become responsible for their own actions, thoughts, and expectations. They should guide them to tolerate frustrations, respect others, and control their impulses.

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Additionally, Adler argues that a leader-follower approach makes it easier for parents to encourage their children to address every emerging problem, set attainable goals, and develop self-esteem. Responsible parents also ensure their children become conscientious and willing focus on their roles. Proficient parental support heartens children to develop a sense of purpose in their lives (Burger, 2014). Parents can maintain stable family interactions through efficient problem solving and communication. Children should also have their intellectual, moral, and social competencies fostered by their parents. Scholars believe strongly that socialized children will always be encouraged to portray acceptable behaviors in their respective societies or families (Burger, 2014). With such interventions, parents can ensure their children are well-adjusted and capable of achieving a wide range of goals.

Parents should also be aware of specific issues such as birth order and complexes. According to Adler’s Individual Psychology Theory, birth order dictates a child’s behavior, characteristic, or attitude (Burger, 2014). These attributes are also known to dictate a person’s development process. Parents should be aware of the unique characteristics associated with birth order and provide adequate and befitting support to their respective children. The ultimate purpose is to ensure the targeted children become responsible and capable of appreciating their siblings. Such children will eventually achieve their full potential. Similarly, every child is unique from his or her siblings. Complexes such Elektra and Oedipus are known to disturb children’s psychological developments. Parents should be keen to monitor such complexes and offer appropriate instruction, guidance, and emotions in order to intervene and maximize their children’s superiority accordingly. Girls should receive appropriate guidance and support in order to understand their roles and goals. This should also be the same case for small boys.


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