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Adolscents and Drunk Driving

Mention any holiday or party and what comes to mind of many a youth are thoughts of alcohol. A party in the mind of these youths is a chance to consume lots of alcohol, which as a result, increases the chances of tragedies one of which is fatal accidents due to drunk driving. This causes many accidents in the country, especially during holidays. The federal statistics estimate that 60 % of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol related with 55% of them occurring on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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When driving, permanent attention to the road and what is happening on the road is required, alcohol in the body impairs the functioning of the body thereby causing fatal accidents. A drunken youth on the road is less aware of traffic signs, other cars or even pedestrians; is not able to control his reactions fully; is slower in responding to situations on the road; judging distances and speed is difficult; and is not able to drive in a straight line. Moreover, driving inexperience, immaturity coupled with a penchant for risk-taking driving increase their chances of being involved in fatal accidents, in that they are less likely to cope with dangerous or difficult situations.

Parents should take this issue seriously rather than thinking that it is a rite of passage and be models of responsible behavior. They should also talk constantly about their expectations of the youths and the consequences of alcohol consumption on their health and life. It might also be a good idea to plan a non-alcoholic party or holiday with the youths just so they can learn that you can have fun without alcohol. It is also the responsibility of young people to conduct themselves responsibly especially when driving as their actions affect other people and take seriously the issues that affect them.

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