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Advanced Aviation Technologies and Their Impact on HIP


Human information processing (HIM) is often referred to as a set of individual capabilities to sense and perceive information, process it, and react accordingly. It is especially important for ones working in aviation, e.g., pilots, controllers, and others, to operate information in an effective manner within the required timeframe, as, overwise, the consequences can be fatal (Information Processing, n.d.). This essay will examine how advanced aviation technologies of today can both help and hinder HIP in detail.

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How Advanced Aviation Technologies can Assist HIP

To begin with, it is necessary to define what are the stages of the HIP in aviation to outline how they can be deteriorated or improved by advanced aviation technologies. The natural flow of HIP consists of the following steps: sensing, perceiving, decision-making, and motor action supported by working memory (Information Processing, n.d.). All of the mentioned stages of employees involved are of equal significance for ensuring the safety of passengers and workers during flights.

With respect to vigilance and attention, pilots operating with a typical flight deck must stay focused while perceiving a broad range of possible data. To prevent situations when something urgent is not paid attention to, most advanced systems utilize visual and aural alarms to help pilots distinguish the indicators that need immediate consideration (Vidulich et al., 2010). The other example of how advanced aviation technologies can help is related to possible difficulties with perception. Every human being, including pilots, tend to utilize personal experience while making decision and acting. It is possible that by relying on familiar mental models, for instance, flying over high trees, a pilot will fly closer to the ground while crossing valleys with short trees, which increases the chances of an accident (Information Processing, n.d.; Vidulich et al., 2010). To prevent such a possibility, a ratio altimeter has been invented and widely utilized. Therefore, advanced aviation technologies can significantly help workers to fix potential issues related to the HIP.

How Advanced Aviation Technologies can Hinder HIP

Despite the fact that advanced aviation technologies serve the purpose of helping pilots and other workers for the safety of flights, sometimes progress interferes with the natural way of HIP. One of many examples of how innovation can hinder HIP is the presence of many bring, loud and moving objects on a flight deck that causes distraction (Information Processing, n.d.). It is so because some systems are too sensitive to any obstacles and send irrelevant signals, preventing pilots from considering the vital ones. The other way how aviation technologies can hinder HIP is the overcomplicating that arises when pilots are overwhelmed with many sources of information, some of which has secondary importance. It is a common situation nowadays because, trying to stand out from competitors, manufacturers of advanced aviation technologies try to add more features and indicators.


Advanced aviation technologies are a rapidly progressing area focused on increasing the safety of flights by improving human information processing. It is unarguable that innovation does help pilots and other related employees to fix issues with a lack of attention or perception of information. However, it is possible that such technologies can hinder HIP because of overcomplicating the process of piloting, resulting in poor processing of information from numerous sources.


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