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  1. Aviation Enters the Free Market
    This paper discusses the role of aviation during the period between 1975 and 1989. To achieve this, the paper explores some of the major international events that took place during this period.
  2. Federal Aviation Administration, Its History and Role
    This essay provides a brief history of aviation that will help to understand origins of Federal Aviation Administration and the background of this institution’s development.
  3. Inter-Agency Cooperation and Aviation Security
    The paper considers the importance of inter-agency cooperation in aviation and the impacts of the attacks of 9/11 on the aviation industry in the United States.
  4. Commercial Aviation: What Does Future Bring?
    This paper discusses in detail the status of commercial aviation as an important aspect of the national airspace and airport system.
  5. Aviation Company’s Poor Quality Costs
    Maintaining quality rates at a consistently high level is crucial. Unless the appropriate measures are taken, the organization is likely to suffer the costs.
  6. English for Specific Purposes in Aviation and Engineering
    The article views Aviation English as a branch of English for Specific Purposes for all participants of air traffic and students involved in aeronautics or aviation fields.
  7. Aviation Company X’s Operations Improvement
    Improving the quality of the entrepreneurship’s operations is a challenging task, as the example of Company X shows.
  8. Aviation Security and Al-Qaeda in Yemen
    Al-Qaeda is one of the most dangerous radical terrorist organizations designated as such by many countries, including the US.
  9. The Aviation Industry: Contemporary Issues
    An important strategy to maintain the rapid expansion and enhance profitability is to address the contemporary issue affecting the industry.
  10. The US Aviation Industry: Contemporary Issues
    In the United States, the aviation industry accounts for the transportation of almost a billion passengers annually.
  11. Criminalisation of Aviation Accidents
    This paper discusses the criminalisation of aviation accidents and the effects it has had on the field of aviation.
  12. Atmospheric Phenomena Studies for Aviation
    Aviation safety depends on the state of the atmosphere. This paper aims to explore aviation-significant atmospheric phenomena of clouds and wind.
  13. Social Media in Aviation Crisis Management
    This report examines social media tools to comprehend how they are utilized to facilitate analytical response capabilities by airlines for effective crisis management.
  14. The UAE Aviation industry Issues and Strategies
    This paper seeks to evaluate the way that the United Arab Emirates airlines have handled the current issues that have impacted on the aviation industry in the light of the current economic situation.
  15. Human Factors and Risk Management in Aviation
    The current paper dwells on the core aspects inherent in aviation and human factors that are directly associated with it.
  16. Safety Risks in the Modern Aviation Industry
    The given paper is devoted to the critical evaluation of the existing safety risks in defenses available to mitigate them.
  17. Aviation Advances at the Science Museum
    Short N.2B seaplane was first launched in December 1917 during the First World War in the Rochester manufacturers also known as the Short Bros Ltd in Britain.
  18. Advances in Aviation at the Science Museum
    In this article a detailed overview of the aircraft features Short N.2B Seaplane (1917), V-1 Flying Bomb (1944), Vickers Valiant B.Mk.1 (1955), English Electric Lightning F.MK.1 (1960), and Schempp-Hirth Cirrus (1973).
  19. The Variety of Services in the Civil Aviation Industry
    During our research on the top ten airlines in the civil aviation industry, we get to know that “most national airlines depend for their livelihood on international traffic.”
  20. Total Quality Management in Aviation Security
    Airport security is one of the key components of aviation security, as it can prevent a variety of threats, such as terror attacks, hijackings, illegal transportation of weapons.

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  1. Irish Aviation Safety
    The commercial aviation industry plays a central role in facilitating the transportation of people and goods in various parts of the globe.
  2. Aviation Sector: the Approaching Shortage
    Pilots who have recently graduated from flying schools have to go through additional training to be able to control commercial planes.
  3. Human Factors in Aviation: 2016 Brussels Terrorist Attacks
    This paper delves into the case of the 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks to reveal the events leading to the accident and the poor functioning of the policy and security services.
  4. Aviation Shortages: Problem Statement and Methodology
    The world’s growing population and availability of plane trips mean more air travel consumption. Impending shortages might impede the industry from meeting consumers’ needs.
  5. Aviation Shortages: In Search for Causes
    The aviation industry worldwide might need an additional two million cadres, namely, airline pilots, maintenance technicians, and cabin crew in the next twenty years.
  6. Emerging Technologies in Commercial Aviation: SWOT Analysis
    The research conducted in terms of the project shows that the integration of technologies into the work of civil aviation can have some advantages and threats.
  7. Abu Dhadi Airports Innovation in Aviation
    Both globalization and regional integration have a specific influence on business development. In the case of an industry as big as aviation one, this impact is even more evident.
  8. Emerging Technologies in the Commercial Aviation
    The research investigates new technological trends expected to happen in the next 2-5 years in the commercial aviation sector and influence MRO activities.
  9. Reliance on Technology and Security Staff Skills In Aviation Security
    The work is aimed to discuss factors negatively affecting airport security services as disregard of training and qualification improvement, and misfunctioning of security systems.
  10. Insider Threat in Civil Aviation
    In the last several decades, aviation has experienced a significant number of challenges that arose because of its strategic importance for the modern world.
  11. Full Risk-Based Approach to Aviation Security
    The modern attitude to the organisation of security in the aviation sphere is mainly preconditioned by the rise of terrorism and the appearance of a significant threat to passengers’ safety.
  12. The Benefits of Data Strategic Applications in the Aviation Industry
    The study seeks to examine the impact of data strategic application and digitalization on the curated travel experience, security identification, customer experience, and airport services
  13. History of Aviation in World War I and World War II
    Aviation history has various periods that crafted its unique story. It began before the seventeenth century and is known for several momentous events that led to its development, such as World War I and World War II.
  14. Aviation Security Is Over Reliant on Technology
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to discuss the aviation industry’s overreliance on technology when it comes to the management of security.
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