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African Americans’ Genetic Diseases

African Americans are more likely to suffer from certain diseases than white Americans, according to numerous studies. It is often due to the genetic predisposition of communities. Even though the genetic basis of disorders continues to be studied today, as many patterns have not yet been identified, some dependencies have already been scientifically proven. In addition, developments are underway in search of ways to solve this problem.

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Examples of aggressive periodontitis and eating disorders are discussed in the scientific literature today. The first disease requires early intervention, and it is the cause of its frequent occurrence in African Americans that has prompted scientists to seek genetic causes (Goncalves, 2018). The second disease leads to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa and requires genetic research to prevent infection in people with a predisposition (Mayhew, 2018). Many variants of mutations and other processes associated with genetics lead to a long duration of research, so scientists should start work now.

The way to solve these problems involves an integrated approach. First of all, this is a change in testing new drugs, which will include more genetic research. In addition to this, it is necessary to solve the problems of medical ignorance of citizens, the spread of a healthy lifestyle, and the elimination of inequalities in the health sector. Naturally, this requires investment in research to work with such diseases, primarily in the African American community.

Thus, measures are needed in the health sector and at the cultural and social levels. It means that it is necessary to disseminate medical institutions capable of working in the key of genetic research, which should fulfill an educational function in addition to their primary mission. People should not be silent about their illnesses and have the right to know what to do to prevent them. The results of such studies will help increase the percentage of healthy people across the country.


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