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Aging: Factors that Negatively Affect Health Care

Aging is a process of getting old and mature, and it cannot be reversed but it is possible to reduce its effects so that a person can live better health. The book Health in the Later Years written by Armada Ferrini and Rebecca Ferrini provides information on the process of aging and the methods for people to make their health better and increase their quality of life in later life. Based on the idea and views presented in the book, it comes to the understanding that there are numerous flaws in our life that affect our lives in one way or another (Ferrini & Ferrini, 2008).

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Upon examination of my daily routine, I have come to know that several weaknesses are surely affecting my health. These weaknesses are lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise. In this paper, I shall provide a plan to overcome these weaknesses so that I can get away with all sorts of health risks. The proposition has been made based on a study of the book.

Risk factors are the conditions that usually occur as the age of a person grows and largely affect a person’s heath. The risk factors which commonly arise from several effects on health are poor eating habits, poor sleep patterns, and lack of proper exercise. Health and age are the two important factors associated with the quantity of sleep. If a person finds difficulty in maintaining sleep or the patterns of sleep that are causing uneasiness in the lifestyle then the condition is considered a disturbed Sleeping pattern.

It may lead to the risk factors of anxiety, pain, or even depression. Lack of exercise is also considered a risk factor that is responsible for all cardiovascular diseases due to which many heart risk factors arise. According to research, it has been observed having an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases leads a person to anxiety, high anger, and even to physical or emotional stress (Feldman, 2009).

Studies have shown that the factor of proper sleep can overcome some of the risk factors which greatly affect a person’s health. People taking an appropriate amount of sleep can have healthy lives as compared to those people who sleep for just a few hours. It is observed that a person’s cardiovascular system continuously remains under pressure and the levels of pressure cannot be reduced till a person takes a balanced amount of sleep. Researchers have shown that sleeping well keeps a person’s health better (Miller, 2008). The benefits of sleep are observed in a wide range which makes a huge difference in the quality of life. I have proposed the following plan that can be utilized to marinate sleeping patterns.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
2 hours sleep, 1-hour exercise classNight:
8 hours sleep
The nap of about 30 minutesNight:

9 hours sleep

1.5 hour sleep, half-hour exercise classNight:

7 hours sleep

The nap of about 30 minutesNight:

7.5 hours sleep

2 hours sleep
And a nap of 30 minutesNight:
7 hours sleep
3 hours sleepNight:
6.5 hours sleep
Since its a weekend, I would sleep for more than 2 hours in the afternoon
The sleep of 9 hours

From the reports, it has been concluded that adults of age 80 and above would need to sleep more hours than those adults of ages 65 to 79. The study results that about 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required for adults for proper functioning and attaining a healthy life (Bachle & Living, 2007).

By following the above plan, adult health-related issues can be addressed to a great extent and at the same time maintain a social life. The application of these plans may enable a person to live a healthy life even at an older age.

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