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Self-Care Health Promotion

The notions of self-care and health promotion have been introduced at the beginning of the 70’s on the basis of various concerns about the barriers that appear within the health system. The developed societies have shown significant growth in these aspects; this fact is supported by the evidence of their effectiveness. Unfortunately, self-care and health promotion are still at the infant level of their evolution in the developing countries, but there is always room for growth and improvement (Bhuyan, 2004, para. 1). This paper will discuss the importance of self-care within the medical profession as well as introduces a personal health plan on the basis of behavior, lifestyle, and habit assessment.

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Health Promotion in Relation to Self-Care

The concept of health promotion in relation to self-care means the process of encouraging individuals to take control of their health, as well as improve it. In this sense, health is not viewed as an objective of living but rather a resource for living a balanced and happy life. Furthermore, health is a concept that has a positive impact on the social and personal spheres as well as physical opportunities of an individual (Kickbusch, n.d., p. 216). Thus, self-care should be established as a primary component of a health promotion, as the actions a person undertakes in the course of it are directly linked to improving oneself mentally and physically.

Personal Health Plan

Being a young person, I very rarely think about the way my lifestyle affects my health because this issue is for another time, not for now when I have my studies, friends, family. I have always thought that I should think about my health and myself when I am older. However, it is not the best way to treat health and life in general. Thus, the following health plan will be targeted at me understanding and evaluating the issues I have with my health and consequently resolving them with gradual steps.

My lifestyle is quite hectic; I can never concentrate on one thing, so everything is done simultaneously. I eat only when I am extremely hungry, I drink three to five cups of coffee a day to keep me going, I practically never exercise due to the lack of time and motivation. Anyone can say that this kind of lifestyle does not bring any health benefits. I have an inherited allergy to citrus and seafood that means that my body can sometimes lack some vitamin C and iodine. The following health plan addresses the issues that negatively affect my body as well as my levels of productivity:

1. Because of the allergy to shellfish, I have low levels of iodine that helps with metabolism and immune system optimization. Simple supplementations are not enough thus it is advised to at least increase the consumption of seaweed or take supersaturated iodine that is available as a prescription medication (Mercola, 2009, para. 10).

2. The high levels of caffeine within the body primarily affect the central nervous and circulatory systems. The primary objective of the health plan is the reduction of caffeine intake and introduction of non-caffeine drinks like fresh water, juices, and smoothies.

3. Sedentary lifestyle and long hours in front of a laptop never did anyone favors. A visit to an ophthalmologist to check my vision as well as trying to work out, at least, fifteen minutes a day would become first steps in improving my overall health condition and encourage to take my health seriously.

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4. Become a role model for the people I take care of as well as apply the new aspects of lifestyle into the nursing practice. Being an example for others is an aspect of the caring process that will help to establish a close relationship and connection between a nurse and patients, encouraging all to take participation in health promotion that targets self-assessment and self-care.

Watson’s Care Theory

The last point of the health plan is closely linked to the Watson’s theory of human caring that offers an established pattern of looking at the professional practice of nursing. This theory encompasses an entire caring framework that involves the process of teaching and learning, practicing kindness toward other individuals, and being supportive (Watson, 2008, p. 34). Thus, the health plan outlined above also includes an interaction between the nurse and the patient.


The theory of self-care in the sphere of health promotion is based on the premise that every individual is “capable of developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for deciding upon and performing health-promoting behaviors” (Raingruber, 2014, p. 69). The paper explored the notions of health, self-care, and health promotion and the ways they benefit the life of an individual. A health plan was created on the basis of the personal lifestyle, habits, and genetic predispositions. Furthermore, the importance of care for others in relation to the Watson’s theory has also been identified as a crucial element of a health promotion. To conclude, the paper can be used as a personal guide for health improvement that has direct links to the professional practice of a nurse.


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