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Amazon Company Analysis

It seems reasonable to apply the following primary sources in this project – materials review and product experience. Such a choice was made because I have experience of using Amazon and that the company’s marketing significance is visible via its platforms and related reviews. Materials review reveals the following; the first point that justifies the advanced customers’ loyalty is Amazon’s website. The latter is convenient and easy to use, which stimulates a customer to appeal to Amazon continuously (Amazon, n.d.). During the utilization of this website, as well as long-term use of Amazon, clients are provided with numerous recommendations on what to by next. It was already claimed that Amazon demonstrates a notable marketing approach, and most feedback available online speaks in favor of this statement. Nevertheless, some rational reviews depict issues with Amazon – most of them are related to the refund policy and pricing strategy of the company (Iqbal, 2019). Despite this, it seems that the corporation is successful in the framework of marketing to a great extent.

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Within the scope of the theme, plenty of Amazon’s peculiarities is close to Google’s and Facebook’s ones. The company targets users, basing on their interests, requests, and demographics. However, it should be mentioned that Amazon simply shows advertisements to those who bought a particular item on its website – there is no opportunity for guesswork. Then, the corporation uses cookies and different tools to track clients on various sites. For instance, they show Amazon that a person who recently purchased a culinary book is reading pieces of news in the New York Times. The mentioned cookies and tools may show this person an ad for some ingredients for recipes from the book.

Amazon also uses previous clients’ mailboxes to offer them a plethora of recommendations. In this regard, the company tends to follow the highest standards. What is more, Amazon is presented on many social media platforms – starting from Facebook and ending with Pinterest. For example, the company uses Instagram to show interviews with artists and authors, as well as product presentations by video content (“amazon,” n.d.). Facebook is being used for similar purposes, which implies a coherent and consistent social media approach. The latter platform reveals Amazon’s updates and presents products via numerous videos (“,” n.d.). Such a social media presence – with millions of followers – provides the corporation with an endless and substantial flow of customers.

At this point, it is reasonable to turn to my product experience. I have been using Amazon for a long period and have never had any substantial issues. I always get an order on time, as well as leave positive feedback. After I add a product to my chart and make a payment, Amazon sends me a confirmation letter with a delivery date and other crucial order details. On average, I get my orders within the next two or three days after this letter. I had one issue with the quality of a product when I ordered a power bank for my smartphone. However, after a conversation with Amazon’s support team, I got a full refund and a gift card for 25$ for all the inconvenience. Every time I use the company’s services, I get significant customer service and plenty of useful offers that I note and purchase further. The provided material review and product experience demonstrate that Amazon tends to be among prominent actors in the marketing framework.


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