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Amazon: Data Collection and OIP

The existing problem that significantly affects Amazon is the emergence of multiple rivals because of the growing popularity of online services, their convenience, and, at the same time, poor management of the Internet market. The majority of strategies implemented and utilized by Amazon demonstrated limited efficiency and were unable to guarantee the acquisition of the competitive environment needed to overcome the closest rivals (Colgan, 2017).

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They slowed down the speed of the companys growth and reduced its ability to impact the market. The central causes for the emergence of these problems were insufficient marketing strategy and the lack of improvement incentives (Gallagher, 2018). For this reason, the main purpose of the organizational improvement program (OIP) is to eliminate this problematic concern by collecting data related to it and suggesting an efficient method how to create the basis for Amazons future rise.

Regarding the suggested OIM, the following flowchart was provided:

Amazon: Data Collection and OIP

As it comes from the flowchart, the change strategy encompasses the fundamental elements of the companys functioning such as HR management, supply chain management, marketing strategy, financial policies, and relations with customers. Success in all these domains will guarantee the elimination of existing problems and the creation of the basis for further rise. For this reason, an efficient measurement strategy to trace the progress should be introduced.

The most efficient data collection tools that meet the existing requirements are checklists and surveys (Hendricks, n.d). These should be applied to analyze the state of such spheres as HR management, supply chain management, marketing strategy, and financial policies. Utilizing checklists, managers will acquire numerical data related to aspects and areas that should be improved. Data can also be compared before and after the implementation of the OIP.

Surveys will help to gather information about workers’ and customers attitudes to the existing policies and outline the most problematic issues that should be changed. This tool should be the central one as it regulates the most important aspect of the companys functioning. The process of surveys use presupposes the distribution of specially designed questionnaires among customers via the Internet and among the staff via the local network. Complete anonymity should be guaranteed to ensure a high level of credibility and relevance of data. The use of the Internet will help to improve data collection and reduce needed time.

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Resting on the data acquired from surveys, Amazon should be recommended to reconsider its strategy for working with clients and improve its online services. A more convenient interface should be suggested. Additionally, an online shopping service should acquire new functions simplifying access to the most demanded goods and their purchase. Finally, customers should generate benefits from using Amazons services to remain attracted by the company. Only under these conditions, some progress can be achieved.


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Prototype of the template

Survey for Customers

  1. Are you satisfied with the quality of services suggested by Amazon?
  2. What areas need improvement?
  3. What suggestions do you have to enhance the work of the company?
  4. Why Amazons attractiveness for you may decrease?
  5. What things in Amazon disappoint you?


From 100 respondents 70 outlined poor marketing strategy and work with clients as weak aspects. 65 stated that these areas should be improved. 76 respondents suggested enhancing the service of online sales to make it more convenient. 87 individuals reported the complicated access to some goods or orders management could irritate them.

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