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American Corporations and Family Related Issues

In America businesses have existed all through the time of colonial era to what they are today. Nevertheless, things have changed on various aspects such as the nature of operation and rules, which govern them. All these business required manpower to be able to produce more products and provide services. However, businesses and industries that operated then had no interest with the society, this case also applied to the society.

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Their only interest was to make more and more profits. However, during the 20th century things stated to change and the relationship between businesses and society evolved into a symbiotic partnership. Additionally, on the matter of family related issues American corporation have always responded to them. Therefore, this paper will show how American corporation have always attended to family related issues.

However, as much as American corporations are credited for addressing family related issues, it should be noted that not all of them were for the idea. It is important to note that during early 1800s businesses were mainly owned by families or individuals. These businesses whether family owned or solely owned required employees, but the demand for more employees grew when the American legal system was established and these businesses grew to become corporations.

As the employee base grew demand for corporate responsibility grew since there were some employees within the corporation who required extra assistance. To clearly prove that America Corporation has always responded to family related issues lets go back to as early as 1800s. Carnegie said that, “the mere stewards of their wealth and that a man who died with wealth intact was a disgrace.” “Therefore, it was the duty of the rich to use their wealth and wisdom to benefit the community and the poor (Carnegie, 1901).”

As a matter of fact, responding to family related issues dates back to the era of industrial revolution (Hillstrom & Hillstrom, 2006). The industrialization came with so many changes both socially and economically, owners and skilled staff of the industry grew in wealth while laborers who were not skilled found it hard even to afford basic needs. Areas became crowded and unhealthy to live in, furthermore, the help that widow and orphans were getting through traditional support networks diminished day by day. The better communication and transportation channel that come with industrial revolution changed the altitude and ability of the wealthy business owners to practice philanthropy.

Therefore, the emergence of collective aid through a well established charitable organization was evident (Bremner, 1996). These organizations were funded and aided by the businesses that existed then and provided aid to needy people. Additionally, the organization were not only focused on giving money to the needy in the society but also advocated for better pay, human rights, abolishment of slavery and helping the sick.

Some of the notable business owners who responded to family issues included Girard who donated time and money to various charitable organizations such as the orphan society, public schools and institutions that cared for the deaf and dumb (Grimm, 2002).

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Another notable business owner was John D. Rockefeller who was considered as a devoted humanitarian. He funded various development projects that were aimed at improving the livelihood of civilians. Andrew Carnegie one of the most vocal and influential person who devoted most of his wealth in improving the livelihood of others and even by his death he had given out 90% of is wealth to charitable organizations, the wealth was distributed in education sector, healthcare and recreational activities (Grimm, 2002).

The work stated by the owners of the earlier businesses is still evident in modern corporations which have immensely engaged themselves in charitable works that are aimed at improving the livelihood of individuals. Therefore, it wise to say that American corporations have always responded to family related issues even without the various laws that have being enacted today. These laws are mere guidelines that show the responsibility of corporations in the society.


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