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American Nurse Today: Accountability and Ownership

Promoting professional accountability and ownership among nurses is one of the primary challenges of the modern healthcare system. These two concepts constitute an internally driven professional mindset that prompts health workers to take responsibility for their actions. The objective of the present paper is to provide a summary of the assigned article and highlight its key ideas. This paper will also explain how the concepts discussed in the report will impact my future practice.

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Assigned Article Summary

Accountability in the workplace is a complex concept that is often misunderstood by nurses because they see the new approach as a tool to force total compliance. This distorted view takes origin in nurses’ lack of awareness regarding their work responsibilities and patients’ and stakeholders’ expectations. Nowadays, accountability is a strategy within which nurses are prescribed to educate themselves on the current legislation and ensure that they follow the guidelines (Sherman & Cohn, 2019).

At a local level, nurses need to be familiar with the policies and procedures established at their medical facilities. While these points seem understandable, what derives the most confusion is the idea of expressing commitment to the legislation in place but being ready to change one’s work routines if a situation calls for it. Modern medicine is making rapid advances, and health workers should help to translate scientific findings into standard practice.

As Sherman and Cohn (2019) note, primarily, accountability is a state of mind. To be able to follow the guidelines, a nurse should be internally motivated and have the right attitude toward patient care. Every health worker should see himself/herself as part of a team that works to reach common goals. Ongoing communication, reporting problems, and sharing ideas are necessary prerequisites for creating a shared vision and enhancing patient outcomes. Improvements may also come from ownership – nurses’ engagement in the work process and the sense of pride in what they are doing.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

As a nurse, I fully realize that the scope of my work responsibilities goes beyond standard practices and procedures. Working in this field requires rigorous education and self-learning to make sure that what I do daily is evidence-based. Thus, I envision myself reading scholarly papers and studying the critical research principles to be able to tell a biased piece from a reliable one. Scientific literature is a good source of knowledge, and sharing relevant findings might be a catalyst for a change in the healthcare system.

The second consideration I will need to make is to develop my communication skills. On an interdisciplinary team of professionals, I will need to be able to explain my ideas as well as share problems and difficulties I might be having. Together, we could find the most appropriate solution with regard to the current legislation and established policies at our medical facilities.


In health care, accountability is a term that refers to educating oneself, handling expectations, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. The concept of ownership shifts a nurse’s focus from understanding what others want from him or her to hold himself or herself up to the medical standards of their own volition. In their article, the authors emphasize teamwork, adherence to evidence-based practices, and continuing education. In my future practice, I envision myself as a rigorous learner who is ready to use scientific evidence in daily routine. Accountability and ownership can only be asserted if each team member learns to communicate and collaborate.

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Sherman, R. O. & Cohn, T. M. (2019). Promoting professional accountability and ownership. American Nurse Today, 14(2), 24-26.

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