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Promoting Professional Accountability in Nurses


The topic discussed in this paper is promoting professional accountability and ownership. The purpose of this report is to summarize and apply the findings of the assigned journal article. The information and findings of the article will be discussed in the context of future practice as a nurse. Professional accountability is an important aspect in modern nursing practice and should be a competency greatly emphasized in academic preparation.

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Assigned Article Summary

The article begins with anecdotal evidence suggesting that the current status quo in nursing practice does not promote accountability for patient outcomes due to the structure of care delivery models and long shifts. Many nurses feel that accountability means compliance but it is simply an aspect of their professional role which also expects to use new evidence to guide practice in accordance with policies. Therefore, professional accountability is a mindset, which encourages nurses to grow and adapt, applying skills to improve patient outcomes. Nursing actions to ignore evidence or deviate from the procedure due to personal belief could have significant ramifications (Sherman, & Cohn, 2019).

Nurses are part of a bigger complex healthcare system. Solo functioning and a perception that one’s job is simply to fulfill certain tasks within a shift is incorrect. It is important to create a culture of accountability and set proper expectations. Maintaining a culture of accountability may be difficult for nursing leaders, but a culture of ownership is sustainable since nurses expect to fulfill certain objectives from themselves, not because they are being forced. This type of mindset in the job leads to greater professional accountability and positive patient outcomes (Sherman, & Cohn, 2019).

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

This article had a profound impact, providing me with an opportunity to examine the process of evidence-based practice from a perspective which nurses may not often consider. It is possible that routine and fatigue may impact my future practice to an extent similar to the nurse in the article that focused on fulfilling the daily tasks and rejecting a possibility that actions may be negatively impacting patients.

I hope to implement these principles of accountability in my future practice by actively participating in the process of improving healthcare through evidence-based practice. This includes both personal learning and participating in such investigative committees described in the article. Furthermore, I hope to adopt the culture of ownership, holding myself accountable, as this would drive me to continuously grow and take responsibility for my actions, improving quality and dedication of my approach to care.


One may not always agree with new policies and procedures, but it is important to remember that nursing is a commitment to continuous learning and self-development for the benefit of healthcare outcomes. This is the basis to professional accountability which was the focus of this article summary. Incorporating this knowledge into future practice will be beneficial to creating a culture of accountability and ownership, understanding the value of evidence-based changes to the overall outcomes of patients and healthcare quality. Accountability should be an aspect which is greatly promoted in nursing education and organizations to facilitate acceptance of evidence-based practice implementation.


Sherman, R. O., & Cohn, T. M. (2019). Promoting professional accountability and ownership. American Nurse Today, 14(2), 24-26.

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