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  1. Patient Healthcare: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    The healthcare system is concerned with the duties of providing the people with treatment, prevention measures, and overall management of health.
  2. Accountability in Public Administration
    The widespread corruption and mismanagement of resources inherent in the public sector necessitates the development of checks and balances.
  3. Social Media and Accountability in Organizations
    The increasing reliance on social media as an avenue for reporting customer grievances can work in favor of most companies.
  4. Safety of Healthcare Information: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    The general provisions of HIPAA establish the definitions for key terms, for example, PHI, health insurance coverage, group health plan, and covered entities.
  5. Cargo Crimes and Threats: Government Accountability Office
    This paper evaluates the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report and the circumstances under which it was first published and after its publication.
  6. Non-Profit Sector and Its Accountability
    The non-profit sector comprises those organizations that distribute their income to meet various needs globally, instead of distributing it as a profit.
  7. The Profitability and Accountability of the Company
    The problem presented to the organizations affects the entire company but is mostly rooted in the accounting and managerial department.
  8. Body Cameras: Civility Through Accountability
    Body cameras constitute a viable solution to limit the potential of power abuse from police officers, as the recordings would provide tangible evidence in case of complaints.
  9. Nursing Accountability and Ownership Promotion
    This paper will summarize and analyze the “Promoting professional accountability and ownership” article by Sherman and Cohn on nursing accountability.
  10. Promoting Accountability in American Nurses
    This paper has established that professional accountability assists nurses to advance, grow, as well as to change in their practice.
  11. American Nurse Today: Accountability and Ownership
    Promoting professional accountability and ownership among nurses is one of the primary challenges of the modern healthcare system.
  12. Promoting Professional Accountability in Nurses
    The topic discussed in this paper is promoting professional accountability and ownership. The report summarizes and applies the findings of the journal article by Sherman and Cohn.
  13. Professional Nursing Accountability and Ownership
    This paper gives a detailed summary and analysis of the article, “Promoting Professional Accountability and Ownership” by Rose O. Sherman and Tanya M. Cohn.
  14. Research in Motion Firm’s Governance and Accountability
    This report will provide an overview of Research in Motion’s corporate governance practices throughout the company’s rise, its fall, and up to now.
  15. Professionalism and Accountability in the Nursing
    An essential role in the nursing profession relates to the autonomous practices that relate to self-direction in nursing care with emphasis on system of professional functioning.
  16. Public Accountability and Ethical Conduct
    Deficiency in public accountability and credibility could cause a bane in the political system and even provide avenues for change in governance
  17. The Undeniable Importance of Accountability
    Medical carelessness and shifting responsibilities to colleagues can negatively affect patients’ condition and even cost someone his life.
  18. Accountability in the Healthcare Industry
    Accountability in healthcare will ensure that healthcare personnel such as physicians are attentive when rendering their services to patients.
  19. Concepts: Accountability and Advocacy
    Both accountability and advocacy are the practice-specific concepts that are crucial for establishing a positive environment for treating foot ulcers in diabetic patients.
  20. Accountability Within a Medical Organization
    The development of protocols and the provision of training are possible strategies to avoid underreporting and nurses’ unethical behavior.
  21. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is one of the most important acts, which aims at creating proper insurance for people and abuse in health care.
  22. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    HIPAA provides a solid framework for ensuring PHI security across the US healthcare system. It is partially inadequate to the current situation.

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  1. Accountability and Accounting Regulation: The Case of the Spanish Environmental Disclosure Standard
  2. Electoral Accountability and Corruption in Local Governments: Evidence From Audit Reports
  3. Using Multi-Track Accountability Pathways to Study Performance of Rural Water Services in Uganda
  4. Mission Interference: How Competition Confounds Accountability for Environmental Nongovernmental Organizations
  5. Accountability and Auditors’ Materiality Judgments: The Effects of Differential Pressure Strength on Conservatism and Effort
  6. Intertwined Federalism: Accountability Problems Under Partial Decentralization
  7. Central Bank Independence, Accountability and Transparency: Complements or Strategic Substitutes
  8. Accountability and Local Control: Response to Incentives With and Without Authority Over Resource Generation and Allocation
  9. The Need for Organizational Accountability and Transparency in Emerging and Less Developed Economies
  10. Challenging Global Accountability: The Intersection of Contracts and Culture in the World Bank
  11. Traditional Public Administration vs. New Public Management: Accountability vs. Efficiency
  12. Accountability and the Fairness Bias in the Context of Joint Production: Effects of Bonuses and Opportunities
  13. Role of Village Apparatus in Village Finance Management to Achieve Accountability of Village Revenue Expenditure Budget
  14. The Privatization Process and Its Effects on the Italian Accountability System
  15. Budgetary Oversight and Accountability in Ukraine: The Case of General Secondary Education
  16. Accountability Structures and Management Relationships of Internal Audit
  17. Political Accountability vs. Bureaucratic Autonomy: The Need for Changes in Policy-Making Procedures
  18. Budget Processes and Systems of Fiscal Accountability in Presidential and Parliamentary Systems of Government
  19. Problem-Solving Effectiveness and Democratic Accountability in the EU
  20. Accountability Through Ethics Enhancement Strategies: Empirical Evidence From American Cities
  21. The Relationship Between Accountability and Public Trust From the Views of Staff and Clients
  22. Concurrent Elections and Political Accountability: Evidence From Italian Local Elections
  23. Achieving Accountability Through Decentralization: Lessons for Integrated River Basin Management
  24. School Autonomy and Accountability in Thailand: A Systems Approach for Assessing Policy Intent and Implementation
  25. The Effectiveness of Sustainability Reporting in Accountability Towards Sustainable Business Practice

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  1. Corporate Accountability: Non-financial Disclosure and Liability
  2. Marketing Accountability: Linking Marketing Actions to Financial Results
  3. Accountability and Democratic Oversight in the European Banking Union
  4. Income and Asset Disclosure Systems: Establishing Good Governance Through Accountability
  5. Economic Growth Under Political Accountability
  6. Public Spending and Growth: The Role of Government Accountability
  7. CEO Accountability for Corporate Fraud: Evidence From the Split Share Structure Reform in China
  8. Accountability and Environmental Sustainability: Nigerian Maritime Experience
  9. Promoting Democratic Accountability and Institutional Experimentation
  10. Co-Governance for Accountability: Beyond Exit and Voice
  11. Education Reform and Accountability Issues in an Intergovernmental Context
  12. Accountability and Representation: Nonstate Actors in UN Climate Diplomacy
  13. The Importance and Legal Requirements for Accountability in the Military
  14. Compliance Versus Accountability: Struggles for Dignity and Daily Bread in the Bangladesh Garment Industry
  15. Ensuring the Competency and Accountability of Temporary Agency Nurses in the Hospital Environment
  16. Ministerial Accountability Under the UK Constitution
  17. Accountability, Credibility, Transparency, and Stabilization Policy in the Eurosystem
  18. Information Needs for Accountability Reporting: Perspectives of Stakeholders of Malaysian Public Universities
  19. Controlling the Public Purse: The Fiscal Accountability of Canada’s Senior Governments
  20. Nonprofits and Accreditation: Exploring the Implications for Accountability
  21. Accountability Standards and Legitimacy of Not-For-Profit Organizations in the Netherlands
  22. The Need for Accountability in Education in Developing Countries
  23. Institutional Design Principles for Accountability in Large Irrigation Systems
  24. Control Mechanisms and Accountability Challenges in Nonprofit Organizations
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