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“Amélie” Film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

After watching a good film, it is sometimes hard for the viewers to explain what it is about because they are too impressed with it. However, it should be added that these people must necessarily have shining eyes, a smile from ear to ear, and some “inner glow”. After watching Amélie (2002), spectators are extremely impressed and satisfied. Nevertheless, almost no viewer can really say what he or she liked about this film. It can be assumed that it is about love, but this concept is too vague to explain what Amélie is.

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Amélie Poulin is a charming, shy, and childish girl born and raised in Paris. On the one hand, Paris is not the city in which such women often grow up. On the other hand, the childhood of the main character was slightly complicated, which could not but affect her personality. However, despite the external shyness, Amélie remains a real Parisian: cheerful, funny, and a little hooligan. She does not deviate and does not distance herself from the world around her. On the contrary, Amélie passes everything that is happening around through herself, sympathizing and empathizing with the people around her. Once Amélie suddenly realized that she could partly change what is happening in the world herself, but not in some magical sense. She can influence the events of the life of those around her, just like any of the spectators, observing, comparing and drawing her conclusions. After this, she only needs to push one of the participants in this amateur performance, so that events change in the right direction.

However, Amélie has other tasks that relate to her own life. Arranging it is much more complicated than pulling the strings of actors who are always in front of her in full view. She is faced with more severe problems, especially since she is not inclined to act straightforwardly. Amélie is a tender and romantic girl, so the fairy-tale prince, whom she accidentally meets, must first find and conquer her. After all, a fairy-tale prince is visible by actions, and not by external characteristics. Therefore, if he wants to achieve the attention and love of such an unusual girl as Amélie, he will have to put a lot of effort into this.

This is a light and enjoyable movie, and the way it is filmed is completely mesmerizing. Its main charm lies in the fact that it is natural, and there is no falsehood and no tension in it. The whole image is edited so that viewers are immersed into this bright atmosphere. Beautiful buildings, cute interiors – the location itself captures the hearts of viewers. The beautiful soundtrack is perfectly coordinated with the camera and with the events of the movie. Costumes also attract attention, especially the way Amélie is dressed: she is young, pretty, and fresh. Thus, the picture on the screen is attractive and evokes pleasant emotions.

The film is suitable for different categories of people, although it definitely requires a good imagination. It teaches to see the beauty in everyday life, to find small joys in simple things, and not to lose heart, even if not everything is perfect in life. The viewing raises the mood and changes the outlook on life, and movie directors rarely succeed in achieving such an effect. Amélie is a cute, kind, pleasant and very romantic film. Amélie’s story is simple, moderately sentimental, hooligan, and sometimes intricate. This film cannot leave a single spectator indifferent; therefore, Amélie deserves a rating of 5 points out of 5.

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