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Analysis of Health People 2010 Report

Meeting the 2010 Goals

The health care system is one of the most significant and constantly changing systems in the whole world. The point is this sphere of life may be contributed by a variety of methods: governmental support, funding, private assistance, etc. This is why it is not always easy to be sure that the purposes set several years ago will be met precisely; still, the possibility to evaluate the conditions made by Richard Klein in 2006 shows that certain predictions made sense. He admitted that progress on a large scale could be made still it would not be too large and that disparities which existed between population groups would be the same in 2006 and 2010 (“Progress Review”, 2006).

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Certain attention has been paid to care of older population with required health insurance and the proportions available. Nowadays, the health care system is improved considerably in regard to care of older adults. Higher standards and comfortable requirements are offered to the patients as it is responded to national legislative concerns (Mason, Leavitt, and Chaffee, 2007). Taking into consideration the achievements of 2010, it is possible to say that the Americans have already made a considerably progress in health care management, this is why the goals which have been set several years ago are properly met in 2010, and this success is based on the activities of nurses, doctors, and government representatives.

Contributions made by advanced practice nurse in meeting the goals set

The role of advanced practice nurses in the constantly changing health care system is huge indeed: it is necessary to develop a myriad of roles, provide quality care, take government positions, consider the importance of nursing homes, or become an educator for other representatives of medical staff (Jansen & Zwygart-Stauffacher, 2009). Being such an important part of the system, advanced practice nurses may contribute considerably in reaching the goals set in the Healthy People 2010 report.

First of all, these nurses may analyze the conditions under which medical care is provided from the inside and define what types of improvements are necessary to choose the right direction and find the most effective solutions. Second, the problems which appear between different ethnic groups may be also solved due to ADNs involvement. It is not always possible to evaluate the situation observing it from the outside, this is why ideas offered by ADNs may become rather helpful for those who are interested in reaching the goals set and improving health care services.

America’s population health

America’s population health turns out to be the health outcomes defined among the Americans after a number of effective steps and ideas are taken into consideration. It is not about the health conditions of each individual of the USA; evaluating population health means identification of the services offered to the citizens, characteristics of medical workers who offer their services, and human reaction on help offered by the health care system.

In general, it is hard to create one particular opinion about the current America’s population health as a number of changes take place daily. Generally speaking, it is always good to admit that some development is inherent to the system; still, more attention should be paid to health management within the frames of which a number of organizational and individual interventions are utilized to improve the services offered to people.

Reference List

Jansen, MP & Zwygart-Stauffacher, M. (2010). Advanced practice nursing: core concepts for professional role development. New York: Springer.

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