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Ancient Egypt and the 21st century

Have you ever thought of the Egyptians who lived thousands of years ago? It might seem that people of the 21st century are absolutely different and can have nothing in common with them but in fact, our lives are influenced by ancient craftsmen. The culture and art of Ancient Egypt are an important part of modern social and cultural life (Dobson and Tonks 65). A reason for this might be that Egyptian paintings and architecture are unique; just one look at the objects made by the masters of Egypt is enough to determine that they belong to this civilization. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the paintings and architecture of Ancient Egypt as well as to analyze their influence on the culture of today.

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In fact, the art of Ancient Egypt did not undergo significant changes over many millennia. Undoubtedly, in certain periods of time, applied arts of this state saw some alternations but the basic principles established during the emergence of cultural traditions remained unchanged (Miniaci et al. 30). That is why the art of Ancient Egypt possesses recognizable characteristic features that make it unique. Besides, Egyptian paintings and architecture with their numerous innovations might be the roots for many European traditions in the field of art (MacDonald and Rice 40). Among many achievements in the sphere of painting, the main one was the portrayal of a person with an incomparably greater degree of realness (MacDonald and Rice 40). Speaking about the art of Egypt in historical respect, it is a valuable source of information about people’s lives in the distant past. The art history of Ancient Egypt in many cases helps to understand the meaning of the events that took place in those days.

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The source analyzes the conditions of craftsmanship in Ancient Egypt from an innovative point of view using visual representations, linguistic analysis, and other methods.

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