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  1. Comparison: Mesopotamia and Ancient Egyptian Culture
    The two civilizations were always ahead in terms of inventions, something that made them different from the rest of cultures at the time.
  2. Religious Beliefs in Egypt and Mesopotamia
    Polytheism was the most outstanding feature of the ancient religious belief system among the Egyptians. Several deities or gods interacted with Egyptians.
  3. Women in Ancient Greek Society
    Every discovery or literary work, or sculpture produced in ancient Greece is a work of men’s hands and minds.
  4. Ancient History: Mesopotamian Empire Achievements
    The Mesopotamian Empire had several achievements throughout the period of its existence. This essay explores the achievements of the Mesopotamian Empire.
  5. Women in Ancient Greece
    In ancient Greece, women performed three main functions – childbearing, fabric weaving, and managing household.
  6. Ancient Art History: From Paleolithic to Ancient Rome
    This paper discusses various works that represent the civilizations of the Paleolithic period, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Aegean civilization, and Ancient Rome.
  7. The Ancient Egyptians Social Lives
    The two books focus on the social lives of the ancient Egyptians. This paper evaluates the two books from different perspectives.
  8. Nature of Reality from Ancient Greek Philosophers Views
    The paper studies ancient philosophers’ views on nature of reality. It compares ideas of Heraclitus, Empedocles, Anaximander, Protagoras, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Plato, Aristotle.
  9. Ancient Greek Sculpture: Periods and Characteristics
    This paper presents descriptions of archaic, classical, and Hellenistic periods of ancient Greek sculpture with their notable characteristics, examples, and analysis.
  10. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek’s Comparison
    The main religious and cultural ideas portrayed by the figures outline a series of differences that represent the history of both nations in the artistic fields.
  11. Ancient Greek Marble Column from Artemesium
    The marble column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis showcases the most recognizable elements of ancient Greece’s architectural forms.
  12. Christianity in Western Civilization and Thought
    The adoption of Christianity by the majority of Western Civilization peoples triggered by multiple changes in the social and political structures of the society.
  13. Philosophy of Education in Ancient Greece
    How to educate the young most efficiently has been one of the central philosophical issues since the Ancient Greek period.
  14. The Ancient Greece Architecture Gallery
    The Ancient Greece Architecture Gallery, which is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presents a piece of art that expressed the main features of Ancient Greek Culture.
  15. Egyptian Civilization, Culture, and Society
    This paper discusses the Ancient Egyptian culture, social structure and the position of women, religion, economy, famous people, and contribution to the world culture.
  16. Ancient Egypt: Head of Colossal Statue of Ramesses II
    The head of the Colossal Statue of Ramses II is a bust of Pharaoh Ramses II, one of the most successful kings of the ancient Egyptians.
  17. Hubris in Ancient Greek Tragedies
    One of the plays representing hubris is Hippolytus, an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides and first performed in Athens.
  18. Magic in Ancient Greece and Rome
    This paper presents an examination of magic in antiquity specifically in the Greco-Roman era. The paper focuses on this specific era because it represents strong magical elements.
  19. Ancient Egypt: Its Culture and History
    Egypt is one of the countries that had a long and remarkable history. This country had an immense influence on the development of western civilization.
  20. Nature of Reality in Ancient Greek Philosophies
    Heraclitus believes that reality could be equated with fire. Empedocles holds that true reality is constant. Protagoras believes that man is the measure of everything.
  21. Ancient Greek Tragedies: Agamemnon, Antigone and Bacchae
    This paper discusses three ancient greek tragedies: the Agamemnon, Antigone and the Bacchae. All three plays have themes that reflect some of the problems we are facing in the world today.
  22. The Art of the Ancient Mesopotamia and Aegean
    The art of the ancient Aegean is harmonious, exuberant, and non-threatening, while the art of Mesopotamia often contains more elements that can be seen as fearsome, militant, or political in nature.

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  1. Islamic Empire and Ancient Greek Philosophy
    Muslims collected works of such philosophers like Aristotle and Plato and translated them to make them understandable for the people of the empire.
  2. Ancient Greek Tradition and Influence on Modern Art
    Ancient Greeks can be regarded as one of the groups which have made the most significant contributions to the development of different types of art.
  3. Ancient Greece in the Modern US: Digital Field Trip
    One of the most recognizable and evident examples of Ancient Greek influence on the modern cultural patterns is the Capitol building in Washington D.C.
  4. Humanities from Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greece started with city-states’ formation, which was the critical political difference between it and other civilizations in the Ancient World.
  5. Ancient Greek Philosophers’ Impact on Modern Thought
    In this paper, several examples of Ancient Greek philosopher’s contributions to modernity will be presented including the achievement of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
  6. The Impact of Ancient Greek Philosophy on Modern Day Thought
    A thorough study of modern thought shows that ancient Greek philosophy played a key role in its development, both with regard to people’s lifestyles and the advancement of specific disciplines.
  7. The Theme of Love in Ancient Egyptian Poetry
    Different cultures and eras have their own perceptions of love that they eloquently communicated through various creations of literature, including poetry, epos, and philosophical pieces.
  8. Homicide Perception in Ancient Greece and Rome
    The essay considers how citizens of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome perceived homicide and the death penalty from civil, domestic, and political perspectives.
  9. Ancient Greece at the Met: Marble Column From the Temple of Artemis at Sardis
    Greek culture is considered to be one of the most influential cultures in the history of humanity. Its impact is particularly evident in architecture.
  10. Ancient Greece at the Met: Bronze Man and Centaur
    The culture of Ancient Egypt represents one of the earliest attempts at identifying a man’s place in the grand scheme of the universe and compartmentalizing the phenomena and objects comprising the environment.
  11. The History of Mummification in Ancient Egypt
    Mummification is one of the most unusual rituals associated with the afterlife. There are many unique activities related to it that can attract people’s attention and spark the desire to investigate the issue.
  12. Glassblowing Technique in the Roman Empire
    This paper discusses the technique of glassblowing during the times of the Roman Empire. It reviews the history of glassblowing before Italians could learn and hone the skill.
  13. Western Civilization: Beowulf as a Hero
    Beowulf is a poem that was written in Old English by an unknown author somewhere around the seventh or the eighth century.
  14. Women Roles During Wartime in Ancient Greece and Rome
    The very unusual rights that women from Sparta possesses occurred following the reason that women were expected to complete tasks that were especially valuable to men.
  15. Greatest Challenge Facing Western Civilization
    The greatest challenge facing Western Civilization today is gender inequalities and the low position of women in society.
  16. Western Civilization: Brief Overview
    Changes that took place in western civilization were clear indication that with changes that is the industrial revolution then there was need for people to have another view to what ever they held on.
  17. Ancient Greek Colonization and Trade
    One of the characteristics of the history of many ancient nations is the colonization, i.n. the establishment of new settlements in foreign lands.
  18. Western Civilization: Brief Retrospective
    Persian wars were considered to be crucial in western history because they brought change, in that, a peace treaty was signed.
  19. Cultural Analysis of the Ancient Rome
    Ancient Rome had a varied cultural life that revolved around the main city of ancient Rome, its famous seven hills, and the landmark monuments that were spread throughout the city.
  20. Relationship Between Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture
    It is difficult to define the relationships between ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Analysis help to define that in architecture both of them have similarities and differences.
  21. Western Civilization: Christian Heresies
    Establishment of the orthodox Christianity result from the emergency of the danger of new converts following teachings that differed from those widely accepted by Christianity.
  22. Western Civilization: Renaissance Art and Architecture
    Most people today recognize the term ‘Renaissance’ as meaning a specific time period in Western European culture.

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  1. Civilization in Mesopotamia During the Bronze Age
    The Bronze Age refers to a period in history, during which many cultural development occurred. It is noted as the era during which bronze and copper were used extensively to make weapons and other important tools.
  2. “Columbus and Western Civilization” by Howard Zinn
    In “Columbus and Western Civilization,” Zinn creates a bridge between American history and ideology and declares that it is only the viewpoint that matters to the historian.
  3. The Rise of Western Civilization in Beowulf: Critical Analysis
    Even though an old Anglo-Saxon poem “Beowulf” is assumed to contain motifs that are largely mythical in their essence, many of these motifs do relate to the realities of the time when the poem was written.
  4. Agriculture the Backbone of Ancient Egypt’s Economy
    In pre-industrial societies, agriculture was the backbone of most economies. This is true in ancient times and very much evident in ancient Egypt.
  5. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon
    In his work “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, Edward Gibbon refers to introduction of Christianity as one of the major factors that had brought about the fall of Roman Empire.
  6. Guide to the Collapse of the Roman Empire
    The fall of the Roman Empire took place in May 29 1453 A.D. It referred to the steady breakdown of the economy of Rome and the strike of Barbarian invasions.
  7. Comparison of the Slavery Systems in Ancient Rome and Ottoman
    This research defines how slavery was carried out in the two empires and compares and contrasts some of the activities that were involved in the practice of slavery in the two empires.
  8. Ancient Greece: Athenian Acomplishments
    Ancient Greece is considered to be the phenomenon of the development of human civilization. The association that arouses when hearing the word combination “Ancient Greece” is “genius”.
  9. The Fall of the Roman Empire
    The fall of an empire or nation is a natural phenomenon. The other causes are incidental, like the disease that brings about the death of a human body.
  10. Babylon: Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization
    Babylon’s science was very advanced during King Nebuchadnezzar’s time. They already had astronomers amongst themselves.
  11. The Fall of The Roman Empire: The Main Reasons
    The Empire started declining because of various reasons which include; strain economically, Civil wars, Religious divisions and failures in its military outfits.
  12. The Five Good Emperors of Roman Empire
    The five good emperors were very prosperous emperors who ruled for the period between 96 and 180 AD. These emperors were ‘Trajan, Nerva, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius’.
  13. The History of Roman Empire Expansion
    Rome was founded as a province in Italy but later came to have dominance over Africa and most of Eurasia. Rome strived for expansion, and its ambitions were steered by strong leaders.
  14. Christianity and the Issues of the Later Roman Empire
    The necessity of establishing new approach to the problem of Christianity emerged as the reaction on rather unfortunate events in military spheres which could affect the empire’s development.
  15. The History of Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
    The two ancient kingdoms, Mesopotamia and Egypt, shared many traits as much as differences. The culture includes; festivals, music, games, family life, burials, and religion.
  16. Ancient Sexuality: Women and the Ancient Greek Symposium
    Greek Women played a very minor role in the affairs of Greek Society. The sexual province of women was under threat of usurpation by men in reference to the wide record of homosexuality.
  17. Development of the Figure in Ancient Greek Art
    The characteristics and ideals of art that were developed in Ancient Greece continue to play a major part in modern art. 
  18. Mesopotamian and Greek Architecture Design
    The features of the ancient Mesopotamian and Greek architectures are a unique topic for discussion. These civilizations used different methods of building and various materials.
  19. Effect of Flooding on Cultures in Egypt and Mesopotamia
    The effects of Tigris and Euphrates river largely impacted on the Mesopotamian culture more so with regard to its frequent and destructive floods.
  20. Natural Resources in Ancient Egypt
    This paper will describe Ancient Egypt’s available resources that allowed the population to become one of the most prosperous states in terms of harvest and cattle.
  21. Mesopotamia: From Sumer to Babylon
    This paper will provide an overview of the civilization’s development from the Sumerian Empire to the Kingdom of Babylon.
  22. Ancient Greek and Roman Governments
    The author states that Ancient Greek and Roman governments differed organizationally but were similar in many other aspects.

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  1. Ancient Rome Civilization Accomplishments
    The accomplishments of ancient Roman civilization are exceptionally remarkable deserving much attention and praise.
  2. From the Roman Empire to Late Antiquity
    The transition from the period of the Roman Empire to late antiquity was characterized by drastic changes in all spheres of human life.
  3. The Ancient Greek Philosophers: The Heritage in Modernity
    The ancient philosophy has elaborated almost all basic principles that can be found in the philosophy of modernity.
  4. Ian Curtis and the Decline of Western Civilization
    Ian Curtis’ words, “No language, just sound, that’s all we need to know,” do not correspond as much to the fact that the general public in the U.S. lacks scientific knowledge.
  5. Christianity in the Roman Empire
    The reason for the triumph of Christianity in the Roman Empire is that the church has successfully taken advantage of the negative condition of the country.
  6. Western Civilization in the Twentieth Century
    This paper discusses how the European decolonization of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, the Cold War, the feminist movement, and globalization affected European societies.
  7. The Impact of the Wars on Western Civilization
    History is full of wars and even though this phenomenon is considered to be negative, many of them are the basis of significant historical events.
  8. Egyptian and Mesopotamian Societies
    The advances in the sphere of agriculture enabled people to accumulate considerable resources and knowledge that led to the fast development of ancient societies in fertile areas.
  9. Comparison of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
    The paper aims at comparing and contrasting ancient Greece and ancient Rome in terms of the principles of government, art, economy, and religion.
  10. Black Death Impact on the Direction of Western Civilization
    The Black Death was a catastrophic global Bubonic Pest outbreak in the mid-1300s that affected Europe and Asia.
  11. Multiplication Methods: Traditional, Ancient Egyptian, and Method of the Cups
    The traditional or long multiplication method is one of the most famous and widely accepted in the world. This method goes back to medieval Italian mathematics.
  12. Creation Myths of Ancient Greeks and Egyptians
    The paper aims to compare the creation myths of ancient Greeks and Egyptians as researchers have thoroughly studied both mythic traditions.
  13. The Significance of Scientists in Western Civilization
    This work is a comprehensive analysis of the activities of the most significant Western thinkers: Freud, Darwin, and Marx.
  14. World History: Women in Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greece is one of the most well-known civilizations in human history. It is famous for its social and political development.
  15. The Art of Ancient Rome: Eclectic Tendencies
    The paper examines various art types of Ancient Rome from the historical perspective of the emergence, development, and decline of the state.
  16. Ancient Egyptian Question of Race
    The question of the race of Egyptians arose as a result of an increased interest in anthropology and the racial division of society about two centuries ago.
  17. Justice in Ancient Greece: The Liberation Bearers
    The essay will focus on Demosthenes’ speech, The Liberation Bearers, and the tales of the Eumenides to explicate the thesis.
  18. The Art of Ancient Greece
    Modern civilization owes much of its development to ancient Greece. This relatively small state has made a significant contribution to the global culture.
  19. Ancient Egypt and the 21st Century
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the paintings and architecture of Ancient Egypt as well as to analyze their influence on the culture of today.
  20. Mythology and Ancient Greco-Roman Beliefs Connected
    This paper aims to identify the connections between mythology and ancient Greco-Roman beliefs through the abilities, features, and lessons learned from hybrid creatures.
  21. Lady Sennuwy Statue of Ancient Egyptian Culture
    The statue depicts Lady Sennuwy sitting on a block-like chair, very attractive, attentive, and having her left hand resting on her lap. The statue was found in a tomb at Kerma.
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