Android Apps: DMD Panorama App and Smigin Tool

Android Innovations: DMD Panorama and Smigin Apps

In August 2015, two original Android Apps were released. While the DMD Panorama App provides the Google Play users with a chance to look at the world through a perfected lens, the Smigin tool helps the clients of the Android to eliminate communication barriers. Therefore, both apps possess a purposeful dedication and can be employed both by a professional and a newbie in their work.

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Critical Parameters of Android Apps

DMD Panorama is a camera that possesses a 3D viewer in a Snap (DMD Panorama 2015). The unique app helps the users to take pictures of the full 360 panoramas. Moreover, the DMD incorporates built-in storage as well as a joint space, which supports sharing the high-quality images between the users. The app primarily targets photographers and camera specialists, who may use it in their occupational practices.

Smigin App is a contemporary translation device, which translates complete phrases and, provides its phonetic description and saves the learned words. The app represents a consistent solution for enthusiastic travellers.

Though both apps are available for free downloading, they were not created purely for altruistic reasons since DMD Panorama is based on network storage, which converts the users to the usage of Android and, consequently, enhances its general rating.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Apps

The major advantage of DMD Panorama over the other camera tools is its network addition. Thus, the app does not only assist in creating excellent photos, but it also provides Internet storage of panoramas that can be shared among the users. The tool, however, has its disadvantages as well. For instance, a panorama picture can be taken only in a vertical regime. Otherwise, the photo will possess poor quality. The primary asset of Smigin App is its phrase-building quality. The similar translation tools usually provide a non-contextual rendering of separate words (Build phrases and learn a language using Smigin 2014). Nevertheless, the users of the Android device point out that the phonetic transcriptions that are provided by it are not always accurate and can reflect faulty pronunciation.

DMD Panorama and Smigin: Impact on Global Society

Android innovations can influence global society in two ways. First, DMD Panorama can bring a visual quality of photos on a new level. The full 360 pictures may be applied in marketing, advertising, and art, performing an aesthetic function. Smigin Android App can be used in educational spheres as an interactive method of foreign languages acquisition.

Average Rankings of the Apps’ Success

Due to the Android customers’ reviews, both apps are highly popular among the youth. Thus, one of the DMD Panorama users expresses his fascination by the tool in the following way: “I swear there are magical unicorns or elves inside my phone stitching these photos together” (DMD Panorama 2015, para. 4). The travellers who employ Smigin are satisfied with the device’s work. Thus, the positive reviews reflect such app’s benefits as constructive abilities and translation consistency.

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