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Technology of iPhone Jailbreak: Guide in 5 Steps

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With the current technological advancement, you can manipulate your iPhone to meet your own demands. Nevertheless, why should you jailbreak your iPhone 3G? Jail breaking your iPhone opens it up so that you can use many applications that you would otherwise not access. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Jail breaking an iPhone 3G is simple and easy using Spirit jailbreak tool.

Spirit provides the fastest and easiest means to jailbreak your iPhone. You do not even need a manual guide since the software is simple and self-explanatory. You do not have to be a professional in the field either. Just use the following steps.

Tools, materials and conditions

Jail breaking your iPhone 3G comes with some risks. First, Apple may withdraw warranty for hacked iPhones, be cautious. Second, your iPhone might become permanently disabled, but “Bricking” cases are rare. So make sure you backup your iPhone so that you can restore your factory settings should things go wrong.

Third, jail breaking can make your iPhone more vulnerable to faulty programs, viruses and other function problems. Make sure you take necessary security measures including changing root password once your jailbreak is successfully completed.

To be able to proceed with the jailbreak, you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Spirit Jailbreak tool which you can download from
  2. PC computer
  3. iTunes 9.1.1
  4. iPod cable to connect your iPhone to the PC


Step 1: Download Spirit

Download Spirit jailbreak tool from the site provided earlier. Once the download is complete, a spirit icon will appear on your desktop as shown below. Proceed with the exercise.

Spirit Jailbreak icon.
Figure 1.0: Spirit Jailbreak icon. Source: “Jailbreaking Guide for iPhone or iPad Using Spirit Jailbreak.”

Step 2: Connect Your iPhone

Plug in your iPhone to the PC to start the exercise. Backup your iPhone in iTunes to be sure of restoring your factory settings, just in case the unexpected happens. Make sure you have the correct version of iTunes installed or else an error message will appear instructing you to install the correct version as shown in figure 2.0.

Error message on iTunes.
Figure 2.0: Error message on iTunes. Source: “Jailbreaking Guide for iPhone or iPad Using Spirit Jailbreak.”

Step 3: Start the Procedure

Once you have taken the necessary precautions, open Spirit to start the procedure. It will open in a small window with a message confirming that your iPhone is connected as shown below. If this message does not display, close the tool then disconnect your iPhone and connect again. After that, repeat the procedure.

iPhone 3G connection status.
Figure 3.0: iPhone 3G connection status. Source: “Jailbreaking Guide for iPhone or iPad Using Spirit Jailbreak.”

Step 4: Start Jailbreak

Once you see the window correctly displayed, click on “jailbreak”. A window indicating that jailbreak is underway will appear as shown in figure 4.1. Do not interfere with your iPhone or even the computer during this time to avoid any possibility of a crash during the routine. It will take a few seconds to process and the window will then display the message “jailbreak complete!” as shown in figure 4.2 meaning that you have successfully performed a jailbreak on your iPhone. Click on “Quit”.

Jailbreak in progress.
Figure 4.1: Jailbreak in progress. Source: “Jailbreaking Guide for iPhone or iPad Using Spirit Jailbreak.”
Jailbreak completed.
Figure 4.2: Jailbreak completed. Source: “Jail breaking Guide for iPhone or iPad Using Spirit Jailbreak.” 

Step 5: Reboot Your iPhone

Once you quit, your device will automatically reboot and you should be able to see a Cydia icon on your springboard.

It is that simple, you have successfully completed the process and jail broken your iPhone 3G.


You may encounter error c0000005 depending on the type of Windows you are using. This can be avoided by running Spirit in compatibility mode. Just right click on Spirit.exe. Choose “properties” in the list provided and follow the self-explanatory instructions in the dialogue box to set your tool to compatibility mode default as shown in figure 5.0 below.

Correcting error c0000005.
Figure 5.0: Correcting error c0000005. Source: “Jail breaking Guide for iPhone or iPad Using Spirit Jailbreak.” 


Spirit is the easiest and fastest jailbreak tool available in the market. Unlike the other tools that might require professionalism, Spirit is user-friendly and very fast. All you need is to follow the easy steps discussed above and before you know it, you will have performed a jail break on your iPhone.

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