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Apple Computer Incorporation: Market Overview

Apple Inc. was formerly known as Apple Computer Inc. The company is a multinational corporation with headquarters in California, United States of America. Research indicated that Apple Inc. is the official designer and distributor of Apple personal computers, Apple computer software among other consumer electronics in the world. Macintosh is one of the best known computer hardware products in the world, with digital revolutions in iPad, iPod and iPhones. The software produced by Apple Inc. identifies with the IOS operating system, OS X operating system, iWork, iLife and iTunes media browsers incorporating production and creativity suites (Lashinsky, 2012).

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Research indicated that Apple Inc. takes the third position in the global mobile phone market after Nokia and Samsung. It has been noted that different business entities use diverse differentiation strategies in the market segmentation (Kotler & Stewart, 2008); this is in getting a notch higher than the competitors through definite competitive edge. The field of consumer electronics is taking new shape with globalization and presence multicultural societies (Davidson, 2004), meaning that companies involved in consumer products must be willing to accept technological advancements in offering unique products and services to the existing customer base, and attract potential customers for growth and sustainability (Weisman, 2010).

Apple Inc. has managed to differentiate its products and services from other consumer electronics on the market, drawing a large customer base despite high prices. Apple Inc. contracts one company in the software and hardware production in enhancing standardization of the Apple’s products and services (Lashinsky, 2012). Contracting one company in software and hardware production cultivates high standards of technology and reliability, gaining a substantial competitive edge in the consumer electronics market (Kotler & Stewart, 2008). The latest technology identifies with seamless fluids, metal enclosures and glass enclosures attracting a large customer base. Products produced by Apple Inc. are well known for charisma, design, beauty and ingenuity. Translating that Apple Inc. has mastered the market differentiation art to make a positive influence in the consumer appliance market, this tactic has enabled satisfaction among the end users of the products and services with minimized support from the Apples’ technical team (Lashinsky, 2012). It has been noted that this is unlike other companies involved in the production of consumer electronics, which engage support team to counter the diversity of the products and services made by different sub contracted companies.

Microsoft through the window’s hardware and software production contract a number of secondary companies, leading to diversity and compromised quality of the hardware and software. The products made by Nokia, Samsung and Motorola among other companies in the consumer electronics cannot match the quality and the integrity of the products and services made by Apple Inc. Research indicated that Motorola fails to recognize the customer preferences, which is the driving force of the consumer electronics market (Hardawar, 2012). Success in the consumer electronics industry calls for a close adherence to the dimensions resonating with customers, costs, competition and capabilities in the processes of production, to make a positive influence.

It is worth noting that the prices of the products made by Apple Inc. are higher than similar products made by the competitors in the market (Lashinsky, 2012). The products sell fast basing on the fact that they have advantages in technological advancements and features. Apple Inc. products are believed to have better design on the outside as well as inside, making the products appear great and simple on the overall (Reisinger, 2012). iPhones were a remarkable development, changing the mobile industry significantly, with a technological touch and emotional attributes in durability and gaining confidence of the customers (Kotler & Stewart, 2008). All these features differentiate the Apple Inc. products from the competitor products.

Apple Inc. has managed to create a customer base willing to pay more for the quality products than those of the competitors, with the trust of great consumer electronics in the global market. Apple Inc. through high prices of its products has managed to plough back the capital, cultivating a platform for better improvements in addressing the preferences, needs and tastes of the individual consumer base (Hardawar, 2012). Apple Inc. has managed to acquire a substantial global market share in enhancing better economy of scales. The company values its customer’s image in building long term business relationships for sustainability.


Davidson, H. (2004). Troubleshooting & Repairing Consumer Electronics Without a Schematic. New York: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics.

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