Apple Inc.’s Innovation and Simplicity

The technology market is currently dominated by a number of companies. However, one particular company stands out the most with its minimalistic design and unique marketing strategy. Apple Inc. is a technology company, created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1967. The headquarters of the organization are currently situated in California. Its range of products includes computer software and hardware. Apple Inc. significantly differs from other production companies for many reasons, such as its concept of creating products for a particular demographic and its innovative design, which became a model and an example for many competitors.

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The success of this company has been a topic of debate for some time. However, many critics agree that there are good reasons for Apple products becoming so widespread. The creator and the main figure of the company, Steve Jobs, had a clear goal in mind – to create a product that anyone can use (Arocha, 2017). Currently, Apple Inc. develops, produces, and sells such hardware as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, smartwatches, and portable media players.

The company also creates and distributes computer software called iOS, which is the main competitor of the Microsoft Windows operating system (Poatsey et al., 2016). Other software products include various computer and smartphone applications and programs. The range of products that Apple Inc. sells is rather limited. However, the company remains one of the most popular sources for computer technology.

The original concept of Apple Inc.’s products is its intuitive controlling. According to Bajarin (2012), the manufacturers of Apple Inc. place usability of the products as the top priority, making the technology understandable and accessible for everyone. By limiting the user’s ability to customize the device, Apple Inc. creates a universal product with software that looks and functions similarly to every type of device. Apple also creates products with the intention to appeal to the new users who do not have any knowledge of technology. This approach allows Apple to attract various groups of customers that were not using computers before purchasing Apple products.

The vision of the company is also significantly different from other hardware manufacturers. The designers at Apple Inc. are always pushed to create a product that will be different from other products on the market. This strategy towards constant change inspires the company as well as its competitors to reevaluate the current level of development. According to Arocha (2017), many companies followed Apple Inc.’s example and changed the design and contents of their products.

This competition affected the market and allowed Apple Inc. to become one of the most influential manufacturers of computer technology. However, such an approach to change can also be seen in Apple’s limited variety of products. For example, although other companies have a significantly wider choice of computers, Apple remains popular on the market while offering a small number of goods. Apple Inc. markets this particular approach as a concept of a higher standard. Customers believe that by having a little choice, they are choosing the best possible products.

Apple Inc. is a technology company that combines the functions of manufacturing and retail businesses. It has a unique strategy promoting constant innovation and simplicity. The company has a clear vision that everyone should be able to use a computer. From the very beginning, the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, formulated this vision, thus creating one of the most successful technology companies on the market.

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