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Google Company’s Employee Behavior Management

Google has managed to stay competitive in its industry because its employees understand its values and culture. The firm’s employees have a deep appreciation of the company’s organizational culture because it helps them achieve their personal as well as corporate objectives. Google’s management has made all employees understand its goals and how it wants them to achieve them. This has made them more satisfied with their jobs (Google Corp, 2013). All employees are proud to be associated with a firm that has a strong brand because of the way it conducts its operations in the market. Google continually encourages employees to be more creative in tasks they perform to enable them to acquire more skills and knowledge in crucial work processes. The work environment is relaxed, which workers positive energy needed to achieve goals set.

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The firm has strong teams of committed employees who work in different locations across the world. It has recognized the positive contribution employees have in their operations. The firm instituted an effective human resource system, which enhances the level of satisfaction employees have in their jobs. Google has made its employees have positive perceptions about it because of the strong connections it shares with them. The firm’s employees perform their tasks well because they are satisfied with how their duties and responsibilities are designed. The company’s job design takes note of each individual’s skills, talents, and abilities. This approach makes Google nurture its employees to be more competent in their duties. Therefore, the firm benefits from the enthusiasm shown by its employees at work, and this has given it a competitive edge in the industry (Google Corp, 2013). The firm improves its internal processes continuously, and this enables it to performs consistently well in the market.

The company’s working systems give employees more responsibility to perform their duties with little or no interference from their supervisors. This makes employees have a strong belief in the company because they learn new ways to solve crucial work problems on their own. The firm’s employees can test their abilities at work more, which leads to excellent overall performance. Employees are more willing to try out new tasks and responsibilities, which improves their knowledge of crucial work processes. The company has open communication platforms that encourage employees to interact easily with senior managers with fewer restrictions (Scholl, 2003). This openness encourages employees to share ideas on issues that affect them at work with their colleagues. Google’s employees understand that sharing is one of the firm’s fundamental values, and this encourages them to collaborate to attain organizational objectives.

Google offers its workers more benefits at work, which enables them to perform their duties in a friendly environment. The company offers its employees generous salaries and perks, which make them feel they are cared for by the firm. Google’s employees value the relationship they have with their employer because the firm cares about their welfare and happiness. There are cafes on company premises, which serve meals to employees at any time of the day. This encourages more excellent bonding leading to improved performance outcomes. Employees are allowed to participate in different activities that are not related to work. This helps them relax to enable them to perform more complex future tasks effectively. The company’s organizational culture is relaxed, and this gives employees the flexibility they need to perform well (Scholl, 2003). The firm also has good reward schemes where workers, where perform their duties well, are rewarded with bonuses.

Google’s organizational culture is open and works well for it because its brand is recognized positively all over the world. The company has bridged the communication gap between senior management and employees. The two groups interact freely in open sessions where employees contribute ideas on how to improve internal processes. However, Google’s organizational model cannot be suitable for every organization. An individual organization serves a unique set of customers with different attitudes and behavior. An organization structures its corporate values and cultures to respond to functions it performs in a given industry (Locke & Latham, 2006, p. 265). This makes it possible for an organization to come up with goals and objectives which guide its operations in the industry. Business organizations should ensure that they outline the goals and objectives they seek to achieve in their long term strategies. This will guide them on how to implement their business strategies.

Business firms need to understand their workers’ perceptions of their internal processes. They need to improve how their managers and employees communicate because this has a significant impact on organizational performance. A system that allows employees to share their concerns and ideas on internal work processes makes a firm more competitive in the industry. Business organizations need to implement effective communication policies that suit their internal operations. This will ensure employees understand which goals have been set and how they can achieve them effectively(Locke & Latham, 2006, p. 266). Business firms need to relax some workplace rules to encourage employees to collaborate at various work tasks. This will make them improve their results and performance.

Organizations need to assess factors that improve employee commitment to their duties. This makes it easy for an organization to understand the needs of its employees and how they can be addressed. Business organizations need to ensure each individual employee is assigned a task that he or she can perform well. This will ensure that employees do jobs that they are skilled in to save time and other resources. Employees need to be encouraged to align their personal goals with overall organizational goals (Office of Personnel Management, 2013). This will ensure they contribute positively to internal processes in the firm. Workers should be encouraged to try out other tasks they are not skilled to make them expand their knowledge. It is also necessary for business organizations to reward employees who perform well in various tasks. This motivates them to work hard to achieve quality outcomes.

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Modern human resource practices take note of organizational change and development. Therefore, an organization needs to be well prepared to take advantage of various trends and opportunities in the market. Positive change in an organization can only be achieved if managers recognize the critical role employees play in making a firm competitive in its chosen industry. Senior managers need to involve other employees in making crucial decisions that have a bearing on the future of an organization (Office of Personnel Management, 2013). This will make workers appreciate their association with the organization they work for, which will boost the level of satisfaction they have in their jobs.

In conclusion, an organization needs to make its employees aware of set goals and objectives. This will enable them to understand the role they need to play to make the organization successful in the industry.


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