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Aspects of Philosophy of Life

Every morning at 8 A.M., the alarm clock on the smartphone fills the room with an annoying melody that could have been joyful if it had not interrupted my sleep. Instead of waking up with a broad smile, I lie in my bed and think that a new day of struggle has become. Please, do not worry, because I am doing fine. I am an optimistic person who always hopes for the better, has friends, and believes in my strength. The thoughts on everyday struggle are just a part of my life philosophy. For the last couple of months, I have kept asking myself why I get up in the morning and what keeps me moving forward. However, I still have not come up with a clear answer.

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As I have already noted, I regard every day of life as a struggle. The years of watching other people made me think that every person is broken. Of course, the damage is unique in every single case, but no one has never been hurt. What keeps us together as humankind is that none of us have it figured out. Many people, including myself, just live with pain and everyday vanquish themselves by moving forward and reconciling ourselves with the impossibility of ever living up to our expectations. We cannot always get what we want, which is fine because our self-worth and personality are based on our ability to face that challenge every day. Therefore, even if it seems to be unbearably hard, day after day, you should keep on trying to be yourself and reach your goals. From my point of view, that is what life is like.

As for why I wake up every day, my recent thought on this issue is that I would like to make the world a better place. I know that if I give up one day, there will be less of one person who can fix something. I wake up every day because I know that I will achieve my big goal and become a person who makes a difference one day. And now, all I need to do is to study and develop myself.

What keeps moving me forward is the hope for the better and the firm belief that one day I will understand why all the challenges in my life were given to me. For the present moment, I move forward because I am a stubborn perfectionist and workaholic who knows that success in life, to a great extent, depends on effort and hard work. I am dreadfully afraid of living a dull life that does not matter. Probably, the fear of staying a perfectly average person, a tiny and inconspicuous cog in a vast mechanism, forces me to keep moving and believe that I can cope with all the difficulties I face in my life. By the way, it is very curious to know what my life could look like if I had not come through all these problems and situations.

To conclude, I spend a lot of time thinking about the philosophy of life, its meaning, my future, and my past. My way of regard human life as an everyday struggle has taught me to respect every person. No one knows what another person is going through and what he or she is thinking about. Nonetheless, it is impossible to deny that almost every person in the world is waging war daily. Indeed, not every person will eventually win these wars, but the attempt to keep fighting and not give up is worthy of being respected.

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