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Philosophy: A Change in a Personal Belief


Man is one of the most controversial creatures on earth, with unique features, characteristics, and peculiarities. People learn about the environment with the help of perception types, discover the secrets of being and make specific conclusions and suggestions from their reflections. Every human, by nature, tends to stray and make mistakes, wandering through the corridors of consciousness in search of the authentic truth. What a person once believed in can now be a delusion, illusion, deception, and confusion. Everyone in the world is changing and improving, as well as acquiring new knowledge and assumptions, being convinced or questioning certain concepts, believing, hoping, or doubting. Thus, for example, I believe that anyone from my circle of contacts can turn out to be a liar and a hypocrite – this is the reality that I did not realize in the past.

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The Argument in Favor of What I Believe at the Moment

Primarily, I would like to point out that I firmly believe that people do not always seem to be who they are. Completely different thoughts once visited me regarding this statement, but now this conclusion has become more than faithful and true for me. People pretend to believe that their life is not fake (Mathew 08:15). On the one hand, illusions help some people; they want to communicate with intelligent and interesting individuals, see happiness and smiles on friends’ faces and know that everything is fine (Desmond 11:25). However, they absolutely do not want to see how these people turn into primitive, envious, and silly people.

For example, as a child, I thought that if people show “kind” deeds, then these people are fair and honest; they are pure in soul, body, and mind. Otherwise, the deviant behavior I observed, which some people from my social circle showed, gave me a reason to believe that these persons should not deserve my attention. Their actions and manners seemed strange and alien, and their minds, as it seemed to me then, were clouded by evil intentions (Medvinskaya 04:12). Growing up, I began to understand people better, their psychology of communication and behavior, the causes and sources of actions, as well as motives and desires. Appearance is deceptive, personality is illusory, and the inner world of a person is hidden from prying eyes.

How and Why My Mindset has Shifted

Undoubtedly, the process of realizing and perceiving this truth did not happen at one moment but proceeded smoothly, evenly, and gradually. Each time I gradually learned to separate truth from lies, hypocrisy and sincerity, initiative and passivity (Cannon-Brookes 07:54). Moreover, I continue to grow physically and spiritually and perceive the world and surrounding phenomena with a fresh look, I am changing, and things around me are changing. I became convinced that people tend to put on masks hide certain things for their purposes and benefits. These changes also occurred due to the fact that I was repeatedly convinced of the opposite phenomena, and my expectations fundamentally did not correspond to reality.

How and Why, I Have Grown and Expand My Thinking

I have expanded the areas of my thinking and perception of reality with the help of certain media, as well as my own experience. I have communicated and continue to communicate with various people and draw certain conclusions from our discussions. Moreover, I reinforce the knowledge gained during this process with additional information from the specialized literature on psychological and social aspects.

What Makes This Thinking Pattern Better than the Old Belief

In my opinion, this way of thinking is better for me than the previous one for the following reasons. From now on, my mind is not “clouded” by extraneous thoughts; I see straight, clearly, and concretely the essence and specifics of the situation in which I find myself, as well as with the people with whom I interact. Such reflections help me to see deeper, further, and more comprehensively, allowing me to analyze the whole picture of the situation and make certain judgments from it.

What I Have Learned

From this judgment, I realized that hypocrisy, in its essence, is a familiar and everyday phenomenon that is both reprehensible and approved. For all that, hypocrisy is a necessary tool for maintaining good relations between people. Hypocrisy helps society and its individual representatives to hide their vices and shortcomings.

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What I Have Gained

Undoubtedly, by studying the behavior, facial expressions, gestures, looks, and words of people, I have acquired valuable knowledge about verbal and non-verbal media. Thus, it will not be difficult for me to find out the thoughts of my interlocutor, his true intentions, goals, and desires in the process of communication. Such information is necessary to build a dialogue in terms of literacy, rationality, and efficiency.

How my Life has been Improved by this New Line of Thinking

In many ways, due to this type of thinking, I was able to radically change my worldview and my views on everyday things. The idea of myself and others that I deeply assimilate affects the kind of life I lead. It can determine whether I will become what I want, whether I will be able to achieve what I value. I began to understand the essence of the situation, I began to see exactly how one phenomenon leads to another. As faith in a certain belief leads to certain thoughts and actions, and the belief that my current knowledge is amenable to development leads to other thoughts and actions that lead me completely different roads.

How This Evolved Belief Serve the Greater Good

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer whether hypocrisy serves for good. Lies and hypocrisy are dangerous because they undermine trust, as they are always revealed sooner or later. It is very easy to lose trust, but it is very difficult to restore it. Therefore, there are quite tangible advantages in honesty — a person will be trusted more, and this will allow you to cheat big, not small, things.

Why Cultivating a Growth Mindset Matter

Growth thinking is the kind of thinking in which people constantly ask themselves questions: how to improve yourself, your life, the environment. It is not necessary to learn several new languages every day, but you should always try to improve yourself look for all the opportunities. It is pretty tricky and initially not given to everyone, but it is better to develop this quality in yourself. When people are born, they have a standard set of everything.

The fact that thinking determines our life is a well-known fact. Everything that is happening is not a threat, but an opportunity for development and defeat is just another step towards progress and not a reason to engage in self-examination. Each person has the opportunity to master any skills – however, to a certain extent, depending on the essential characteristics (Dweck and Yeager 490). The type of person a person belongs to largely determines the quality of his life.

The good news is that this is not an innate trait: your thinking can and should be changed. People with a “fixed” mindset are afraid of failures like fire, so they use only known and reliable ways to solve problems. Hence, they are reluctant to take responsibility for new tasks — they do not want to challenge their competence. People with flexible thinking are always ready for defeats, are open to finding new solutions, and are prepared to get out of their comfort zone for their development.


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Since you are not loyal to anyone.

Live, Love, do not touch someone else,

So as not to be left alone.

When there are no feelings and no trust,

When there is no loyalty of hearts,

There are only masks of hypocrisy around –

Your creations are all crowned.

If you want mutual fidelity in feelings, actions, words –

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Take off the veil of a naive dream –

Become an example in your deeds.

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