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Aspects of Successful Negotiating Across Cultures

Human communication is predominantly based on negotiating process, which is considered to be referred to unconscious phenomena; the principle characteristics of negotiating can be illustrated through the individual’s culture analysis, taking into account the style, assumptions and behavior. The investigation of this process on the cultural level can demonstrate its perception through the intuitive aspects on the basis of common values, traditions, interests and ethical norms; nevertheless, the change of the cultural environment provide considerable changes in the negotiating process perception through the lack of common linguistic style, morals and attitudes between the representatives of different nationalities.

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Negotiating concept analysis through the cultural perception is considered to be an important aspect in the spheres of anthropology, philosophy and social sciences. It is necessary to underline the fact that the researchers’ interest is merely concentrated on the comparative analysis of various cultural units, such as, for example, USA and Japanese, for the purpose of identifying contrastive elements contributing to varied negotiating perceptions. To my personal way of thinking, the way of negotiating perception is considerably dependant on the differential self-interests levels; the bright illustration of this fact can be demonstrated on the basis of Japanese collectivism and American individualism comparison. It should be stressed that these two aspects considerably impact the focus of the nation in the negotiating process; thus, for example, individualistic Americans are predominantly focused on their personal interests, in contrast to group interests of Japanese people.

My personal experience showed me that negotiating perception in the foreign environment can be destroyed by cultural shock; it is easy to understand the representative of another culture in your own cultural environment, rather than just the opposite. To avoid the problems in social interaction and understanding it is important to dive into the peculiarities of the culture characterizing the negotiating party. Cultural differences can cause great problems in the manner of speech perception and the formation of future relationships; once I watched the situation when the humor of an American appeared to be the deep offense for the German in the formal environment, which led to the confusion of both parties of negotiating process.

The intercultural differences can be observed not only in the communication style but in the way, business is conducted, which can become a considerable obstacle to the formation of international business relationships. In can of business cooperation, the negotiating is considered to be a kind of competition to present the deal on the most beneficial level; nevertheless, these levels are considerably different in various cultures. It is necessary to underline the fact that such researchers, as Tinsley, Lewicki, Brett, Okumura, and many others managed to prove that interdependence of cultural development and negation process perception through the analysis of key cultural differences and their effects on the communicative results. (Ferraro, 2002)

It is necessary to underline the fact that the understanding of other cultures is considered to be the key element in a successful negotiating act; the understanding of values, interests, norms and standards can help to avoid unpleasant intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts. The study of anthropological researches and investigations contributes to cultural awareness, on the way of formation general norms and standards for effective communicative process.


Ferraro, G. (2002). The cultural dimension of international business. 5th Edition. Prentice Hall.

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