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AutoCAD Software’s Benefits and Disadvantages

Historically, the creation of precise blueprints and designs has been the topical objective of engineers and architects. However, prior to the present day, they had to perform such tasks manually, which increased their duration, as well as the cost of mistakes in the process. Today, advanced digital solutions exist, allowing architects and engineers to develop quick, precise, and reliable designs. AutoCAD is the leading piece of software in this regard that, while not being the first Computer Aided Design tool, still gained an immense level of popularity across professional communities. AutoCAD is the product of the company called Autodesk, which is reflected in the name of the software (Charter College, 2020).

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The core functionality of the program comprises advanced 2-dimension and 3-dimension designs that are done in the digital space with high efficiency. In the 2D form, AutoCAD enables custom block and dynamic views, offering accurate networks and detailed blueprints for the creators. The 3D functionality focuses on the realistic, detailed, and precise modelling, even allowing designers to enable realistic lighting. The combination of AutoCAD’s benefits and versality makes it the leading design and engineering model software in the current environment.

AutoCAD is developed in accordance with a specific software design plan. The program operates the layers of vector images, while allowing the import of bitmap images. Its primary difference from the Photoshop-like software consists of its emphasis on structures and plan design. AutoCAD’s workspace includes the graphic area, options ribbon, pull-down toolbox, status bar, and command line. The program’s files are stored in its bespoke DWG format, but the compatibility with AI, CDR, and other graphic formats is supported (Stacbond, n.d.). This way, designers can utilize several CAD tools in a parallel manner. The primary element of each AutoCAD design is the blocks, which are stored in corresponding libraries. In addition, the creators can use an array of special commands that facilitate their work.

The use of such computer-aided tools implies an array of benefits for designers. First of all, unlike the old day, it is now possible to implement any edits or improvements into the design without effort. Previously, errors or proposed improvements had to be done by hand, which eventually affected the quality of the design. Second, the work is done more quickly and efficiently with the use of AutoCAD. This way, the entire production process is optimized, and the mechanical stage of design production does impede the overall project. Finally, the precision of digital blueprints is on a higher level than that of a hand-drown design.

This idea especially relates to smaller elements, which are naturally elusive for the human eye and hand. With the help of AutoCAD, designers can easily work with the scale and perspective, which allows them to ensure that no details are lost (Charter College, 2020). Upon the completion of the design, it can be stored in physical memory units or in cloud, which facilitates the exchange of information and enablers the selection of the most convenient form.

AutoCAD’s instruments benefit an array of professional areas and specialists who enjoy its efficiency and precision. This list includes engineers of different specializations, including electrical grids and civil constructions. For architects, the ability to create a virtual model of the design enables accurate tests and timely corrections that saves resources in construction and prevents critical mistakes. Furthermore, the instruments provided by AutoCAD are actively used by the people who practice fine arts. Sculptures, carvings, and other forms of art are precisely designed in this digital space.


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