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Aviation Organizations and Air Transport Regulations


Globalization and the expansion of social, economic, and political activities have necessitated the need to use air transport due to its immense benefits over other modes of transportation. The influx of air passengers and cargo has surpassed the traditional abilities of air transport services to offer high-quality services. Professional aviation organizations play various roles in shaping the regulations of this industry to promote the safety and comfort of passengers and cargo.

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Regulation of Air Transport

Air transport faces various dangers that put the lives of crew and passengers at risk. Moreover, numerous inconveniences may affect the smooth operations of an air transport company if there are no policies to control its practices. The following are some of the roles of professional aviation organizations in regulating the activities of this industry.

Passenger and cargo safety

All air transport companies must meet the minimum standards required to offer services to the public. The health of passengers and the safety of cargo are paramount in this industry. Professional aviation bodies like the Aeronautical Repair Station Association and Aircrafts Electronics Association have streamlined the application of aircraft regulations to ensure operators work in a healthy environment (Aviation Entrepreneur, 2010). The association ensures guidance and safety standards are clear, applied uniformly, and consistent with the practices of this industry. It works with other stakeholders like lawmakers and regulators to raise the legislative and regulatory profile of the aviation maintenance industry. Moreover, it has provided training programs, advice, and news services to ensure the needs of all members are addressed within a short time. The association introduced child safety policies and suspended the application of the pay-per-weight charges that made overweight passengers pay extra fees.

Leadership and profitability

The Aircraft Electronics Association is a self-sustaining professional organization that enhances the profitability of its members. It provides effective leadership information through monthly magazines and Avionics News. The organization has about 1,300 members and furthers their education to ensure they establish quality processes (Aviation Entrepreneur, 2010). Moreover, it plays a significant role in influencing the application of legislative and regulatory processes. Leadership in the aviation industry is an indispensable aspect because of the challenges and opportunities it faces. The Aircraft Electronics Association established an academy in New York in 2006 to train aircraft operators on how to manage flight challenges. The training has helped aircraft crew to manage tense situations and ensure passengers do not panic or react inappropriately during disasters,


Aircraft require durable and high-quality equipment to promote the efficiency and reliability of carriers. The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association has the responsibility of promoting the sustainability of commercial carriers. It has promoted safe and responsible environmental management practices to sustain the lives of the world’s aging aircraft (Aviation Entrepreneur, 2010). For instance, it recalled old America Flyer aircraft and advised its management on investing in larger and sustainable models. The association ensures all aircraft have economic importance and can sustain themselves. Moreover, it ensures all the reclaimed materials, engines, and parts of old and unused fleets ate returned to commercial manufacturing safely.


Professional aviation organizations play important roles in promoting the efficiency and reliability of air transport service providers. It ensures the safety of passengers and cargo is guaranteed and promotes the sustainability of aircraft. Moreover, they promote safe, legal, and environment-friendly practices to ensure all stakeholders get value for their money. The competitiveness of this industry necessitates the need for proper, just, and fair regulations that ensure all players have equal playing grounds. These professional aviation organizations ensure all air transport service providers offer high-quality services. All air transport service providers must abide by the regulations and standards set by these organizations to promote a healthy work environment.


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