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Baptist Health South Florida and Nursing Philosophy

The mission and vision adopted by the organization largely determine the principles of its functioning and the quality of delivered care. The following paper presents the analysis of the Baptist Health South Florida, a faith-based organization. The mission is compared with the formulated personal nursing philosophy in order to detect and provide a rationale for similarities and differences.

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The first notable intersection point between my nursing philosophy and the goals of the organization is the focus on patients’ well-being. The mission of Baptist Health South Florida explicitly points to the improvement of patients’ health and well-being in the first sentence and details the methods of care delivery throughout the statement. The vision of the organization lists the high levels of patient satisfaction, safety, and excellent clinical outcomes as desired goals (Baptist Health South Florida, n.d.).

Admittedly, such similarity is hardly unexpected since the clinical aspect of nursing practice is both the most common and the most recognized component of health care and is routinely present in the overwhelming majority of philosophies. However, it is worth mentioning that the multi-layered and complex nature of the care delivery process is also similar. While it is not formulated directly in the mission statement of Baptist Health South Florida, it can be implied from several elements such as the involvement of the latest technology, the collaboration with and support of the local community organizations and health clinics, and the acknowledgment of the resource limitations.

Nursing is an actively developing field, with practitioners being constantly introduced to new areas of responsibilities (Manuel & Crowe, 2014). Unless these dynamics are acknowledged and incorporated into the overall administrative process, it would be unreasonable to expect superior clinical outcomes or a high level of patient satisfaction.

Equality in care delivery is another similarity between my nursing philosophy and the mission of the organization in question. Baptist Health specifically states their readiness to deliver high-quality services to everyone in need regardless of national origin, religion, or race (Baptist Health South Florida, n.d.). This emphasis is especially important due to the growing concern with the uneven access to health care in certain populations (Richard et al., 2016). The determination to provide unbiased care will ensure a more consistent result on the local level and can be especially relevant for the locations with the increased presence of disadvantaged populations.

Finally, the most evident similarity between my nursing philosophy and the values reflected in the mission of Baptist Health is the emphasis on compassion, sympathy, and kindness. The positive influence of the emotional component of care on patient outcomes is a well-recognized concept in nursing and is routinely included in modern nursing philosophies (Burridge, Winch, Kay, & Henderson, 2017). The said values are closely tied to the Judeo-Christian ethic and the faith-based nature of the organization in question. Importantly, the mission also emphasizes the availability of spiritual and clinical support regardless of the patients’ religion, which suggests that the equality of treatment is not biased in any way.

It should be noted that there are minor differences between my philosophy and the organization’s mission. Most prominently, my approach is clearly oriented towards individual patients, whereas that of the organization is more encompassing and covers communities and administrative issues. This is to be expected since I deal mostly with individuals and have limited opportunity to get a broader view of healthcare.

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The reviewed organizational mission contains all the components necessary for the delivery of care by modern standards. In most instances, it is consistent with my personal philosophy. Admittedly, several minor differences can be identified. Nevertheless, it would be unreasonable to expect the emergence of conflicts as they can be mostly attributed to the scope of operations.


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