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Beach House Company’s Team Performance Management


Promoting employee engagement and performance improvement is an essential step toward succeeding in the environment of the global market. For this purpose, an efficient leadership strategy must be applied, and the appropriate values must be promoted to the employees. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that the elements of a company must not be viewed as isolated items; instead, they need to be considered from the perspective of an organization being a single entity.

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As soon as the cooperation between different departments is encouraged and the concept of efficient information management is introduced, a firm is expected to work like a well-oiled car. However, in case the appropriate organizational culture and leadership framework has not been provided, a company is likely to experience a significant crisis, as the example of Beach House shows. Unless a different set of values is introduced into the company and a new and improved recruitment strategy is introduced into its organizational culture, the lack of cooperation between the A-Team and the Tweakers is bound to trigger an internal crisis in the context of the firm.

Managing Performance

The introduction of clear and unambiguous corporate policies should be viewed as the first step toward managing the current situation at Beach House. A clear, concise, and ethically unambiguous code of conduct must also be introduced into the corporate setting. Thus, the staff members will be able to shape their current organizational behaviors and decision-making strategies so that they could meet the leaders’ expectations.

Particularly, the issue regarding equality in the workplace and a responsible attitude toward one’s roles and responsibilities must be viewed as a necessity given the problems in the behavior of the A-Team. Afterward, the design of an innovation-based approach toward managing production processes as the strategic business objective of the firm should be viewed as the strategic business objective of Beach House (Peppard, Galliers, & Thorogood 2015).

Supportive HR practices must be provided to encourage the Tweakers and to make them realize that they are also important for the organization. Particularly, the use of incentives should be considered as a necessity given the obvious lack of motivation among the identified members of the company. Therefore, the HR policies used for meeting the needs of the staff members must be supportive, as well as adopt the strategy of both internal and external recruiting to provide more chances of hiring people with sufficient skills. For external tasks, the use of cyber recruiting should be applied as the means of making the process faster and more efficient. Particularly, the search for candidates can be enhanced significantly (Chand 2014).

A change in the approach toward recruitment should also be considered as one of the tools for improving the company’s performance. Given the drop in the performance levels among the members of the A-Team, one may have to consider recruiting other employees that would deliver the performance of better quality. The specified approach will also be applicable in case the Team members will be too reluctant to change their traditional standards of organizational behavior.

Therefore, the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework will have to be considered as the means of enhancing the efficacy of the recruitment process and inviting competent and professional candidates to become the staff members of the company (Lee & Hoffmann 2015).

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Furthermore, the issue of time management must be introduced into the design of the organization as a part of the quality management theory. Indeed, according to the case details, there is a problem with the A Team’s members and their inability to use the available time in a manner as efficient as possible. By wasting it on recreation way too often, the employees fail to meet the required standards and, thus, are incapable of delivering an innovative product of the required quality.

Naturally, it would be wrong to expect that the Team members will immediately reconsider their attitude and change their behaviors willingly. Quite on the contrary, significant resistance is expected. Therefore, the use of whistleblowing techniques should be considered a necessity to exert better control over the organizational processes. The introduction of whistleblowing guidelines, however, must align with corporate ethics. Particularly, the staff members must be aware of the fact that whistleblowing is not to be used for personal reasons and, instead, should be considered only as of the tool for pointing at the problems in the current organizational design and staff’s behaviors (Nisa, Mahmood & Sandhu 2016).

It should be borne in mind, though, that the identified control tool should not be the focus of the organization. Instead, other strategies will need to be reinforced, such as the introduction of incentives, opportunities for developing certain professional competencies, etc. Thus, staff members will remain motivated and moderately competitive.


Therefore, if a new leadership approach focusing on the needs of all stakeholders is incorporated into the company’s system, and the principles of AIDA framework as the means of enhancing the recruitment process are promoted as the foundation for the corporate ethics, decision-making, and organizational behavior, Beach House is likely to experience a rapid and imminent downfall. A uniform approach toward addressing the needs of all staff members must be introduced.

In case the A-Team refuses to acquire the necessary skills, the company will have to follow the principles of AIDA and cyber recruiting to build a new team of experts. The Tweakers, in turn, will have to be provided with incentives that will encourage them to excel in their performance. Thus, both teams will be enthusiastic about developing new skills and increasing the level of their proficiency in the target area. As a result, the overall performance of Beach House will improve significantly.

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