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ADMA Company’s Performance Management


Aims and Objectives

The information about the performance of a firm is essential to the job seekers and investors as well as companies seeking employees. However, such basic requirements for identifying the best firms depending on their performance have not been availed in a precise manner. Therefore, this project aims at assessing the performance of ADMA Company in developing its business needs, meeting the needs of stakeholders, and the welfare of the society. In a bid to perform this task, the research involves conducting a performance appraisal within and outside the company to avail information on their working operations.

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ADMA’s vision is to increase its strength as the biggest supplier of affordable oil in the globe. In its vision, it is seen that this company already enjoys the position of being one of the largest oil companies on the continent. It also shows that this company operates from Abu Dhabi as its main base. It has a mission of providing the clients with secure, great worth, and end to end fuel services. This company’s mission is specific and direct making it a well-directed one. It states clearly that the company’s aim is directed towards the oil industry and also states what is expected in the long run.

According to analysts, every business that is to be operated effectively for a reasonable time must have objectives driving it. They also argue that the success of organizations is attributed to the objectives that they have to work towards. ADMA being one of the successful oil companies in Asia has a set of objectives that are behind its operations. Among these objectives, monitoring its performance occupies an essential position. In this light, the company acknowledges that importance of performance appraisal through a set of objectives. The following paragraphs have the main strategic objectives of the company.

To assess the employees’ performance of the past year

This assessment provides the progress and marks the possibilities that assist the company to target future trends.

To improve safety

This objective is one of the most crucial objectives of ADMA. This organization seeks to ensure the clients and employees that their procedures and end product are safe. The security is also on the processing and transportation of the products. This aspect is important in maintaining the trust their customers have to the products.

To reduce operational costs

Many businesses have put a lot of emphases on this kind of objects without considering the quality of service offered to the esteemed customers. For ADMA, this objective is guided with a series of activities that make sure the quality of service and products is maintained. For example, the company’s strategy of issuing low prices is accompanied by strict measures avoiding misuse.

To improve operations and performance

The appraisal will project the progress of the company in the future. This objective shows that ADMA is determined to remain relevant and to perform in the industry. It is an outstanding objective since the company wants to move at the same pace as the technology that keeps on changing daily. For example, when the organization introduced modern electronic and machines, it was aiming at improving its operations.

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To focus on developing the personnel

This organization has an objective of developing the skills of the human workforce involved in its operations through things such as strong leadership and organized management. The performance appraisal will project the requirements depending on the area depicting low performance and the associated reasons. This strategy is important since it will make sure that the people have the right skills required in the workplace leading to improved operations.


A lot of strategies have always been put in place by the management of ADMA to drive this organization towards achieving its objectives. Some of these strategies were put in place a long time ago and are still in place. Other strategies that exist had been started in recent years and are effective in improving the performance of the organization. The study of the performance appraisal regularizes company effectiveness through assessing all issues within the company.

Significance of the Research

The research will benefit clients and stakeholders in selecting ADMA as the best firms to provide oil services. Tactically, such large firms like the IBM Global Business Services consolidate diverse companies across the globe to offers regional services. In this regard, all the independent companies making this huge network of IBM allow the formation of a reliable and outstanding brand. This factor implies that all the stakeholders within the independent subsidiary firms do not only benefit from the presence of the company, but also from the many resources availed globally in a diverse manner implying that they can handle many tasks (Dineen & Noe, 2009). If such a company is allowed to perform the appraisal, its reputation precedes its recommendation. Therefore, the implementations of its finding do not only benefit the company by changing its processes but also informs the clients and investors about its viability. This reports benefits clients by showing them that there exist outstanding and exceptional companies offering reliable career services.

This study provides an advertisement and information tool evaluating ADMA to facilitate its business competitiveness. The stakeholders identify the strengths and weaknesses of their companies concerning the competitors (Junginger, 1999). In this respect, they can suggest changes and modifications in the prevailing systems to become competitive. In IBM, the report benefits the public since it is a public company offering services in information technology. Other companies performing such evaluations include the Deloitte Consulting Limited Liability Partnership offers assistance in studying financial trends, which benefit the stakeholder to facilitate its development. These employees then deliver quality services to the clients. This aspect indicates that the clients’ needs are met satisfactorily.

Bidgoli (2010) informs that many firms have a fundamental need to fulfil their organizational requirements by accessing an appropriate human resource. Essentially, the strategic improvement of such companies has been enhanced by a tactical approach where professional services are rendered by some companies. The successes of most business have been enacted through the approval of these consulting companies. Researchers argue that its growth alone arouses concerns for investigations (Dineen & Noe, 2009). Ideally, the creation of highly accessible online platforms to enable other businesses to reach the human resources and skills required is advantageous to the success of the business. Dineen and Noe (2009) suppose that these firms assist in such aspects as auditing strategies, formulating tactical approaches and recommending performance improvements. The overall outcome is organizational growth and global business development. Eventually, it is vital to understand the roles played by the firms as well as how they are competing to become unique in their ways (Dineen & Noe, 2009). In this light, the investigation is centred on their business strategy, their roles, and outstanding participants in the global economy.

Primarily, this study delivers incite on the significance of information technology and its application in business. Such information is a critical tool for business planner and investor who seek potential ideas for business ventures. The slightest information about the availability of these firms do not only serve as an advertisement, but also a resource for reference to all people wishing to start a business, estimate the progress of their organizations, or improve the performances among other (Reips & Lengler, 2005). This research motivates people to search for knowledge laid by the vital informative resources within society. It avails human resource to businesses and allows the public to know how they may be accessed. The people with appropriate skills can seek employments from the consulting companies whereas firms may seek assessments from these reputable firms (Reips & Lengler, 2005). Such assessments allow the public and other firms to identify which companies are risky or reliable for investments. If the consulting firm declares a company successful and reliable, its reputation arouses trust for other contractors and the public.

Scope of the Research

The depth of the analysis may influence the credibility of the research (Reips & Lengler, 2005). All information will be presented clearly and strategically to avoid confusions and misinterpretations. It outlined through the format of most research setting including background, literature, methods, results, discussions and conclusions.

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The research report will lay down essential information from the ADMA companies. The goals and objectives of the research will be set to ensure that achievements are made. Its website will be reviewed concerning the performance while the notes regarding similarities and differences will be noted down. The information will include the number of stakeholders per company, their income data, the services they offer, most frequent clients, suggestions and customer satisfaction. The assessment will incorporate the use if online questionnaire and assessments of suggestions from clients especially on the website and social sites. The needs for the services from the website will be evaluated and delivered for analysis in terms of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This evaluation will approve the presence of clients needs related to the services and products offered by the company. Furthermore, I will ensure that the research is conducted through randomization. The data from the selected companies will be retrieved from other researches and information from the website. The information will be cited appropriately to confirm that the information presented was gathered from the official company websites. This aspect implies that sources will base their final decision on facts as presented from the logistics concerning company data. These sources will be presented in a standard manner using the APA format through an annotated bibliography presenting the problem statement, the purpose of the study, methods, discussions and conclusions. The presence of this bibliography will be the evidence showing the reliability of the information.

The Focus of the Research

The research focuses on the performance of the company in terms of customer satisfaction, financial improvements, human resource management and business empowerment. Empowerment is a strategy to develop ideas within business institutions. In most cases, this technique applies during consultative decision-making or employees’ recommendations. The employees are usually affected by the decisions made on the company (Aguinis & Lengnick-Hall, 2012). Therefore, they should be consulted and informed of such changes. The employees are conversant with the company and know the changes that may be required the empowerment is the most essential tool for business improvement which receives sufficient attention in this study. Therefore, consulting them may relay a lot of opportunities and ideas on developing business prowess.

Involving employees in the decision-making process not only relieves a manager from explaining the changes made but also satisfies them for receiving changes they acknowledge. The manager does not simply dictate what the employees need to do but acknowledges how they would like to perform their chores under reasonable limits. The manager controls the employees who do not only monitor the operations of the business but also appreciate the existence of consultation and make the work of the administrator easier.


However, attaining these goals has limits due to their unconditional occurrences. This appraisal assumes that all ADMA operations occur under usual schedule. However, an accident is an unexpected event that may occur due to many factors. Therefore, the precautions can only be taken to reduce the cases of accidents attributes to ignorance and arrogance. Even with the highest possible precautions and regulations, accidents may appear at any moment and cause alterations in the company performance. For instance, the prevailing technology within the field of mechanical engineering may require a lot of funding to replace the initial systems. The lack of this funding prevents the installation of more secure approaches to facilitate safety and reduce safety through technological advancements. The training of the employees and the consumers of the oil company may not be possible. This failure to enlighten people on working with oil products effectively leads to accidents. It is challenging for some employees to work with the current devices established to deliver oil. Their work may be shoddy if there are no pre-training sessions to inform about the prevailing advancements in the area.

Research Methodology

Method and Program

The purposive method can be used as a way of soliciting respondent participation in the study. It is preferred because the study has specific questions that it would like to answer. Also, the method is founded on the cannon that the researcher set out to single out likely informants from the study (Raheman & Nasr, 2007). As such, the choice and judgment, as well as the base in which respondents participate in the study, will be used. Information from the website will be helpful since it will display various classifications that included the industry in which the retailers operate. The questionnaires will be administered to 500 participants comprising of 350 employees and 150 residents. Therefore, the researcher chose a list of clients from the available list and made telephone calls to validate their actual existence and physical location. Also, the researcher will seek company approval to participate in the study. A corporate visit will be made to the companies to request for an appointment with the relevant officials who will provide the necessary information (Nandi, 2011). Another criterion to be used in the firm involved companies that will have used the e-commerce platform previously. On the upper side, the organization should have the ability to conduct online payments and purchasing through their website or in collaboration with other ICT application. As such, the sampling criterion will represent a sample that ranges from the least application of capital management to the most advanced one.

The researcher will establish and maintain a diary of the activities and the patterns of the management styles which will be based on the information provided by their websites and the questionnaires. The researcher will seek to obtain permission to make unplanned visits to enable the making of observation concerning the daily operations and retailing process without potential changes in the normal schedules. The main focus is to evaluate the general statement that the managers make concerning management and the ease of answering a random question that relates to it in their organization and its future.

Program Running

The data collection will take place within and outside the company. The 350 questionnaires will be issued randomly within the company to all people including the managers. The answered questions will be collected at the exit gate. The remaining 150 questionnaires will be issued at a public meeting for the surrounding communities. The participants will fill and return the questionnaires before leaving the meeting.


This questionnaire is meant to evaluate the performance of ADMA Company concerning various areas. Kindly underline your answer in the options provided.

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  1. What is your level of education? (Primary/Secondary/ Bachelor/ others)
  2. What is your Nationality? (UAE/Other Arabs/Asians/Europeans/Americans/others)
  3. In which level of working position? (high/ middle/ low)
  4. Where does your age lie? (18-30/31-40/above 40)
  5. Which performance appraisal does your company follow?
  6. Are you satisfied with your Company PA? (Yes/No)
  7. How are the working conditions of the employees in the company? (Excellent/Very good/Good/Fair/Poor/Very Poor/Despicable)
  8. Does the company relate well with the surrounding community especially in terms of pollution? (Yes/No/Not Sure)
  9. How does the company benefit you as an individual? (Salaries/products and Services/Community Programs/Economic Improvements)
  10. How would you rate the overall performance of the company to a scale to 5? (1/2/3/4/5)

We appreciate your responses.


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