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Behaving in a Loving Relationship


During one’s life, one has to make a number of crucial decisions, and choosing a partner, marrying, and then sharing one’s life with this person is one of them. However, even after finding a soulmate, there is a possibility of mutual misunderstanding, mistrust, and various arguments. A couple may know that they love each other, but something is not working between them. If this feeling continues for ages, there are few chances to preserve the marriage. Hence, it is of vital importance to contribute to one’s relationship and be aware of some common ideas that can save love and trust, and following these rules is essential both before and after getting married.

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Treating with Respect

If people want to have an almost perfect relationship, they need to make sure that they are ready to stick to certain principles. First of all, it is of vital importance for men to respect their women (Blair-West). Even the strongest heart and soul connection can easily break if there is no regard between two persons. If a wife notices that her partner does not respect her, it is possible that she loses self-esteem, becomes depressed, and starts doubting whether he loves her at all. Therefore, according to Blair-West, it is crucial to “make sure that respect plays out in the decision-making process.” Hence, before making any choice or agreeing to something, men and all partners in general have to think – does this decision demonstrate their regard for their beloved ones? Moreover, such behavior helps to prove one’s true love, trust, care, and loyalty. If a person really loves his or her partner, there is no way for humiliation and disbelief.

Taking Care of Each Other

Taking care of each other no matter what is another secret and central principle of a loving and perfect relationship. It is hard to disagree that one of the reasons for needing a life-partner is the desire to feel protected and not lonely. Especially after being married for thirty or forty years, people have to be able to rely on and care about each other (Blair-West). They need to forgive and forget all betrayals and misunderstandings and be with each other every time one of them needs to be cared of. Lack of reliability, protecting one’s partner, and not getting the same care from him or her may break an already-fragile relationship.

Sharing Power

Marriage is a union of two people in which they are supposed to share responsibilities, values, and power. Unfortunately, sometimes either a wife or a husband starts to suppress their partner and make important decisions on their own. However, Blair-West believes that precisely sharing power is the way of behaving in a loving relationship. It is necessary that before making any decisions, all choices that concern both partners are thought through and accepted by each of them. In this way, the spouses can avoid feeling mistreated, disrespected, and underestimated. Moreover, if a wife realizes that her opinion matters while making important decisions, she starts trusting her husband even more.

Being Calm and Balanced

Remaining calm and balanced is a perfect way of behaving in a loving relationship. Of course, it is hard to disagree that in every marriage, there are specific situations when one or both partners feel insecure, doubtful, or suspicious. Such emotions are not a problem; instead, the issue is the wrong but rather common reaction on them. Pell claims that feeling competitive, hysterical, dubious, and distrustful is a much worse way of behaving than just relaxing and talking about the problem. Demonstrating trust and calmness to one’s partner helps to avoid rage, betrayal, revenge, and doubts from each side.

In order to prove this idea, in her article, Pell provides an example from her own relationship. Before marrying her future husband, she realized that he was still loyal to his wife, who died several years ago; this loyalty did not let him make a final decision about his new partner (Pell). Instead of being worried and hysterical, the author chose to talk and calmly express her understanding, support, and hope for their future together (Pell). She accepted the fact that her beloved man still loves his deceased wife, and this choice has only strengthened their relationship. This is perfect proof of the importance of calm and balanced behavior.


Several principles of behavior are indeed crucial to follow in order to save one’s relationship and marriage and make them loving and perfect. This topic is essential because divorce rates increase every year, and most people are not aware of the rules that may help maintain love, trust, and care. Hence, everyone has to learn how to behave in a loving relationship so that both partners think about it not as a cage but as the most valuable thing in their life.

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