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How Italian Culture Influenced Life: Personal Experience

My Italian family makes a great impact on my life and shapes me as a personality. I remember that from my early childhood, my parents taught me that family is the most important issue as it gives acceptance and support. I am proud to be of Italian origin, and I cannot imagine myself without Italian cultural values.

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First of all, I have learned about my culture through my family. The relationships between my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents show that we can refer to each other anytime regardless of the situation. I believe that by spending my time with my family during frequent gatherings, I promote the central role of the family as an integral part of Italian culture. The close links between different generations allow me to receive their knowledge and experience, thus continuing to spread our common ideas and values. In my family, there is a traditional approach to children: they are encouraged to remain connected to the family ties even in adulthood. Compared to the Western approach, where children are stimulated to find their own path, I believe that my family’s support would help me in many cases. In the future, I will strive to extend my family and incorporate these values into my relationships.

Second, Italian food is another cultural value that is also adopted and practiced in my family. For me, eating Italian food is something more than just having meals, and I cannot take it for granted. We always eat as a family, which means that I and my parents sit down and enjoy the meal while speaking about the daily routine or the events that happened. I would like to emphasize that the modern pace of life tends to change this tradition as everyone should go to work or engage in other commitments. Nevertheless, the value of gathering a family together makes me more involved in family affairs. The type of food we eat and cook is another aspect of Italian culture that I enjoy. Usually, my mother or any other family member prepares pizza, pasta, lasagna, and many other foods of the Italian cuisine. Also, we can invite our friends and neighbors to break bread, and it is considered to be a cause of celebration.

The positive impact of my family and traditional cuisine as parts of Italian culture allows me to better understand who I am. This includes my personality, desires, ideas, and behaviors, which are closely connected to my culture. For example, when I have some problems with my study, I can come home and be sure that my mother and father would listen to my concerns and give advice. Even though they are not immediately available to answer my questions, I have an opportunity to call my aunts or cousins. My extended family provides me with a range of important issues, such as timely feedback, recognition, and guidance. At the same time, I feel that I can make independent decisions and choose my own future, which is especially critical for my personality development.

Third, art is one more element of Italian culture that inspires me to achieve the highest goals in my life. It is widely known that Italy was the place where a number of architectural styles appeared, such as Baroque, Renaissance, and Neoclassicism. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is probably the most prominent historical building, while Colosseum is the most famous Roman amphitheater. The impact of Italian architecture can be noticed worldwide, and it continues to influence modern global ideas. I am proud of Italian art as well: the art and beauty of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo seems to be the greatest creation of this master. The Italian opera connects different cultures and nations as people speaking various languages and having diverse backgrounds can understand it. In my turn, I think that the expression of feelings and emotions through songs is a good way to translate the messages. My life is full of observation and experiments since I am interested in continuous learning and contemplation. The awareness of Italian art helps me to make my life more meaningful and multifaceted.

Thus, the impact of Italian culture on my life can be noticed through my family, cuisine, art, and architecture, as well as values. My parents taught me that respect for the family defines the way a person would live his or her life, and I agree with this statement. I understand that my large family serves as the foundation of my personality. As for Italian cuisine, it not only shapes my food preferences but also helps in building and maintaining close relationships with family members and friends. Art, architecture, and music play a key role in impacting my attitudes and decisions. While Italian culture made a positive impact on various aspects of my life, I am enthusiastic about integrating these values into my future to promote my culture.

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