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Beijing Looks for Answers to Air Pollution


A campaign against air pollution was launched in China in 1998. The objective was to better the air quality of one of the largest and most influential, and constantly increasing cities. Nevertheless, Beijing appeared to be fighting the battle after twenty years, and substantial advances in air quality have been made. The lessons learned can be used by other communities attempting to combat air pollution. During 1998, Beijing’s breakdown was caused mainly by the burning of coal and the driving of vehicles.

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For the first moment, contaminants of significant relevance surpassed the national limit. As a result, Beijing has undertaken various projects aimed at improving the city’s infrastructure, reducing pollution from coal-fired power plants, and reducing vehicle emissions. There were limits for certain pollutants, such as CO2 and sulfur dioxide, in place by the year 2013.


Based on my personal experience with the understanding of pollution in Beijing, I believe that people’s psychological well-being and behavior have been adversely affected by prolonged exposure to air pollution. Moreover, I am aware of the various adverse health effects of air pollution (Burch & Tort, 2021). Air pollution has multiple impacts on the ecosystem, and it causes much deterioration to the external environment. As a result, people have adopted various preventative measures, including the usage of breathing masks and goggles, drinking water often, and consuming a diet rich in nutrients.

It was found that air pollutants and haze harmed the participants’ physical and psychological health, which resulted in significant behavioral changes. Before this situation increases and becomes life-threatening, it is recommended that proper management, future planning, and vigorous environmental legislation be implemented. Growing population, industrialization, urbanization, and increased energy demand. Deforestation is all causes of the rise of air pollution, Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, coal-powered industrial activity, and other forms of human activity that contribute to the decomposition of the atmosphere, Tobacco and other conditions of tobacco use, as well as excessive pesticides and chemicals used in agriculture are other contributing factors.

Resource Summary

Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, and the main causes of air pollution are such cultural practices as burning and meteorological factors. About 30,000 citizens die every year in Delhi because of air pollution, and thousands of people suffer from heart diseases, strokes, asthma, and lung cancer (Patel, 2019, p. 4). The highest level of pollution can be seen in winter: vehicles cause up to 30% of PM2.5 (deadly particles) pollution; industries contribute to other 30%; burning in agriculture and households – 14-23%; unchecked construction – 17% of air pollution (Patel, 2019, p. 4).


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