Best Baby Company’s Press Release

BestBaby today made a public statement at the company headquarters on the matter concerning the recent accident which was as a result of a BestBaby stroller rolling down a driveway. The accident resulted in the injury of three-month-old Avery Nelkin who is the daughter of Academy Award winners Nick Nelkin and Celia Winston. The baby is currently being treated in hospital as a result of injuries sustained from the accident.

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“The company sympathizes with the family and our hearts go out to Nick Nelkin and Celia Winston even as they go through these trying times,” said BestBaby CEO, Greg James. The CEO went on to announce that it was too early to tell where the fault leading to the accident lay and that at the moment, all efforts should be directed towards supporting Nick and Celia even as they wait for their baby to recover. Greg proceeded to reveal that the company was keeping a close watch on the progress of baby Avery and that it hoped and prayed that she recovers soon.

The CEO declared that BestBaby is very concerned about the recent tragedy and quick action is being taken to investigate the cause of the accident. Following the tragic incident, Mr. Greg announced that the company has already started investigations aimed at revealing the cause of the accident. The CEO continued to assert that “the appropriate actions shall be taken following the findings of the investigations once again reinforcing BestBaby’s commitment to the safety of baby’s.” Greg declared that such an accident must never be allowed to happen again and that the only way to ensure this was by a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. Only when the investigation results were known could appropriate action be taken.

BestBaby has had a long history of safe products and up until recently, there have not been reports of any accidents involving BestBaby strollers. “As a business, we are committed to producing safe and reliable products for our consumers,” said the company CEO, Greg Smith. The interest of the baby has always been BestBaby’s driving force and the company has always strived to come up with excellent inventions for the benefit of the baby. The company has continually aimed to provide quality products and has had a long term policy of guaranteeing customer satisfaction through measures such as the five-year warranty introduced a few years ago.

The company has also demonstrated a strong sense of community and a huge part of its 1200 strong employee base is made up of locals. This makes the company one of the biggest employers locally creating jobs for many of the locals. In addition to this, the company also promised to implement various local initiatives that have been in the pipeline over the last few months. BestBaby will in the coming weeks begin a program aimed at creating awareness on baby safety in the community. This program will include free seminars as well as the distribution of educational material to child care centers and other relevant outlets. It is hoped that through this program, awareness will be increased on risks to babies therefore resulting in more risk aversive behavior by parents and guardians.

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