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The Core Leadership Topics

What similarities and differences do you find when comparing the two sources’ research value to your doctoral journey?

The main similarity between the two sources lies in the fact that they can be used to push the researcher’s or student’s understanding of the core leadership topics. Nevertheless, the main difference is the quality of sources. The text by Smith (2007) cannot be considered a high-quality article since it does not come from an academic journal, and it is unclear where the information provided in it comes from. The text by Ballinger and Schoorman (2007) is a reputable source since it is a peer-reviewed article published in a reputable journal. Therefore, it meets all academic requirements, and the information in it is valid, credible, and reliable.

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In what ways do you see evidence of scholarly voice, practitioner voice, and leadership voice in the two articles?

In terms of the article by Smith (2007), the evidence of leadership and practitioner voice can be seen in the author’s claims (however, they are not supported by references or other reputable allusions). The author does not use scholarly voice. Regarding the second article, the researchers use formal writing style and an academic manner of reporting their findings. In addition, they use only relevant information and support their claims by references and multiple examples to exhibit their practitioner and leadership voice.

How is APA style and format used in both articles? What is the purpose of using APA style?

The text by Smith (2007) does not follow APA format (no references and in-text citations). The article by Ballinger and Schoorman (2007) has in-text citations formatted in APA style; however, the reference list follows another citation style. APA style should be used to document properly the ideas and concepts from other academic and non-academic sources. It ensures that the text is formatted properly and meets all academic standards of writing.

How will you apply these insights in your doctoral research?

These insights will help me to select only reliable sources for my doctoral research. I will chose the articles that meet academic standards of writing and reporting information so that my research is reputable as well and relies on the sources that provide accurate and credible information.


Ballinger, G. A., & Schoorman, F. D. (2007). Individual reactions to leadership succession in workgroups. Academy of Management Review, 32(1), 118-136.

Smith, A. F. (2007). Leadership: The one and only path to becoming a leader. LeadershipNow.

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