Better Academic Performance Working Conditions

The place of study, building, and facilities impact the motivational level and the involvement of the students in the studying process. Numerous schools and colleges across the globe are in an unacceptable condition, which influences not only the way students are motivated; however, it may impact their health and safety.

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It is significantly important to be surrounded with comfort as it is a primary need to feel nice and safe. The facilities and technological equipment are connected to the progress proving that the person should be in favorable conditions to improve the learning development and show the best results.

The Modern Researches and the Atmosphere in the Classroom

According to the recent researches, everything that surrounds the human being influences the life, work, the possible progress, and the way specific skills can be developed. The atmosphere in the classroom is significant for the achievements that students make, and that is, should be improved.

With the increase in the level of comfort, students will definitely show the best results and can change their attitude towards the studying process (Hawkins, 2011, para. 7). The process of education is not the easiest one, and that is, it is significant to have all the facilities at the disposal to improve working and study with interest.

The Improvement of the Working Condition and Consequences

It should be pointed out that the surrounding affects not only the progress a person makes but also the mood and attitude towards the studying process (Kuh & Kinzie, 2011, p. 26). The major thing to be changed is the condition of laboratories and the size of the classroom. It should be stated that Laboratories can be considered as a significant place for the students to implement the theoretical knowledge of the practice.

Such classrooms should be well-organized, contain all the needed technologies, and have enough room for every student to feel comfortable. The positive environment in the classroom can influence the overall mood of the students greatly.

Although students should have the needed atmosphere for the favorable ground to make progress, one should take into account the work of teachers as they are significant for the students’ success and play a major role in the studying process. It should be stressed that students and teachers should receive all the needed conditions to create a prolific atmosphere in the classroom as it affects the accomplishments of every person that involves in education (Zwickl, Finkelstein, & Lewandowski, 2013, p. 42).

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The parking spots should also be improved as there is not enough space for all the students. However, this issue is not the primary one and can be tackled after the main questions will be solved.


In conclusion, it should be stated that surroundings play an important role in self-development and can affect the way one makes progress. According to recent researches, the motivational level and skills can develop significantly if the working conditions are appropriate, and students fell safe and comfortable.

It should be pointed out that parking space and small labs seem to be not so significant on a larger scale as some children in some third world countries do not even have an opportunity to study or have to walk miles to the school just to get the opportunity to change the future; however, a part of the world’s problems it is also important to think about the ones that can be changed in the community for the improvement.


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