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Excellent Academic Performance: Causes and Effects


Reaching academic excellence is, perhaps, one of the goals that a lot of students dismiss since they misunderstand it. By interpreting it as being perfect in every way, learners often underrate their abilities and resort to a more relaxed and less challenging mode of learning. To create the foundation for a student to reach academic excellence, one should consider the impact of factors such as the personality of a teacher, how a student communicates with peers, the degree to which a student feels stressed, and the extent to which a student’s family provides emotional and psychological support.

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Becoming an Excellent Student: Causes and Factors

Teachers and Their Impact on Students’ Academic Success

A teacher plays the role of both an educator and a role model for learners. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that learners receive enough support from their instructors. The identified factor is arguably difficult to alter, yet

Environment and Its Effect on Students’ Performance

The setting in which students learn also has a direct impact on their performance. For instance, the setting that can be described as crowded, noisy, lacking proper lighting, or having any other elements that distract students from learning or cause discomfort must be redesigned to meet the needs of students more efficiently. In addition, the overall atmosphere needs to be friendly. Therefore, a student must be provided with an environment that does not imply a vast amount of pressure, yet challenges a learner to think creatively.

Social Interactions and Their Effect on Learning

Although the importance of building a rapport with fellow learners may be overlooked by most researchers, it remains an important aspect of academic success (Rumsfeld et al. 782). Studies show that the students that engage in social interactions easily also have fewer problems reaching academic excellence (Gašević et al. 73). Therefore, fostering the qualities that allow learners to communicate easily will help them attain success in their studies as well.

Levels of Stress and How They Affect Students’ Performance

There is no secret that the modern educational setting implies significant challenges for students in terms of the amount of information to embrace. Thus, while it is important to ensure that students do not overburden themselves with tasks and responsibilities to the point where they are entirely exhausted, it is also necessary to encourage them to discover and fulfill their potential.

Family Support and Why It Is Crucial for Students

Finally, the importance of family members’ approval must be listed among the key factors contributing to successful learning. Family support provides students with psychological comfort and empowers them to perform better (Rimfeld et al. 788). For this reason, parents must be actively invested in their children’s academic life and provide them with consistent support in every endeavor. As a result, opportunities for steep academic growth will emerge.


Although the academic achievements of a student hinge on a wide range of factors, five key causes, such as the teachers and their choice of strategies, the setting in which learning occurs, communication with peers, levels of stress, and family support, are typically listed among essential contributors to a student’s success. By creating the setting in which the specified factors encourage a student’s academic growth, one will be able to assist a learner in acquiring crucial skills and building a system of knowledge. Thus, a student will be motivated to maintain proper performance levels.

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