Big Five Personality Traits and Leadership Effectiveness


The Big Five Personality Inventory is a reliable tool that is used by individuals to assess their personalities and competencies. The framework can guide people to develop superior skills in areas such as leadership. This paper gives a detailed summary and analysis of my personality and how it can empower me to become a proficient leader.

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The completed exercise has presented interesting observations. The results have revealed that I have high scores for the conscientiousness, agreeableness, and extraversion (76, 78, and 79 percentiles respectively) dimensions. The score for neuroticism was 13 percent while the one for openness was 57. This means that I pay attention to details, follow schedules, and focus on important tasks. I am also sociable, talkative, and outgoing. I possess attributes such as altruism, affection, trust, and kindness. I do not get upset easily or experience much stress. A low score for neuroticism means that I am emotionally stable and resilient. I am also creative and embrace new ideas.

Upsides and Downsides

The above results show that I possess various attributes that can make me successful. These include trust, conscientiousness, and sociable (Hassan, Asad, & Hoshino, 2016). I also focus on duties or tasks until they are completed. I always care about my colleagues and help those in need. I am also emphatic. The results also reveal that I am creative, open to emerging ideas, and imaginative. On the other hand, there are some downsides identified after completing this exercise. For instance, my high score on extraversion means that I prefer being the center of attraction. This attribute can affect my performance. Sometimes I can say things or ideas before thinking about them efficiently. It is also notable that I cannot deliver positive results whenever working alone.

Leadership Effectiveness

The dimensions of openness, conscientiousness, and extroversion are known to influence leadership. My scores show conclusively that I can lead others efficiently. To begin with, I can make new friends and mentor them. I am always energized and willing to influence others. This is true because I have recorded a high score on extroversion. My conscientiousness abilities empower me to pay attention to minor details, follow schedules, and ensure that activities are completed on time. I also spend adequate time preparing for various tasks. I do not procrastinate or complete activities recklessly.

An average score on openness is a clear indication that an individual is creative, experimental, and focuses on challenging tasks (Song & Shi, 2017). Such attributes indicate that I have what it takes to take up various leadership roles.

Personal Reflection

My personality dictates my behavior towards work. To begin with, I am always willing to follow outlined schedules and complete tasks in time. I also collaborate with others, ask questions, and experiment with new ideas to achieve my objectives at work. In school, I find it easier to make new friends, share ideas, and pursue my academic goals. The above aspects also support my approach to teamwork. I can interact with others efficiently, come up with new concepts, and solve emerging problems. I liaise with persons from diverse backgrounds. The concept of teamwork is also taken seriously in order to deliver positive results.


The above discussion has showed that the Big Five Personality Inventory can be used by individuals to monitor their personalities. Such results can be considered to make relevant decisions and improvements. I am ready to use my dimensions and competencies to pursue my leadership objectives.

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