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Brazil’s Deforestation and Governmental Activities

Deforestation is considered to be an internal problem for not only the affected countries but for the whole world because it does not only cause harm to the country in question but to the entire ecosystem of the planet. This explains why any bit of deforestation experienced in any country is normally given international attention all over the world, and reactions flow both from that country’s activites and global society concerned about the planet preservation (Wood and Porro 712).

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Deforestation in Brazil mainly takes place in the Amazon region. In the recent times, the country was termed as leading in regard to deforestation, when approximately a third of the Amazon had been cleared. However, this rate was significantly reduced when the measures to conserve the forests were taken (Campari 886). It is sadly to note that within the next few years, the Amazon may be depleted. This fact is so alarming to the whole world because it touches a burning issue of global warming, which has so many negaitive effects on biodiversity and is a possible move towards making animals deprived of place to live, forcing them to leave their natural areals and exposing them to extinction (Mahar 71).

So many issues touch cattle ranching where claims indicate that a large percentage of the grabbed Amazon land is purely used for livestock pasture and rearing ranches. Proponents of such claims base their arguments on the facts collected in 2001 when the state of the Amazon forests was heartbreaking, and there was experienced an abnormal rise in meat production in Brazil, making the country the chief meat exporter of the time. This, in turn, caused a need for large cattle ranches that further resulted in the destruction of the Amazon.

Having had an economic mind, there again was a need for better infrastructure, especially, improvement of the quality of the roads. This meant further destruction of the Amazon to pave the way for roads and provide the building materials. Other factors include hydroelectric dams and mining activities, soybean production and logging (Campar 883).

It should, however, be noted that the Brazilian government has had much to do with the increasing deforestation. This may not be better known to the commoners but to people who care what problems the country faces. Such can be clearly explained from the point of view of the heavy taxes and incentives imposed on the citizens. These serve to increase farming and cattle ranching in order to meet meet such high demands (Anderson 772).

Then there is the issue of poor policies as concerns allocation and use of land in the Brazil community. There are no regulations to limit the use of the interior forest lands, but the case at hand allows for anyone to cut trees and settle on the land retrieved. In some occasions, though, people are forced into such activities as deforestation, especially, after losing their lands which appear on easily accessible places so the companies wish to establish there.

Deforestation in Brazil has had so many effects on the country itself and the globe. The main factor to this is the overall change of the climate and the sudden greenhouse effects on the state. This is a result of the excessive emission of gases that are harmful to the environment (Andersen 63).

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