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Building an Ethics-Based Workplace Culture


The primary purpose of this paper is to discuss some of the aspects related to ethics in the workplace. A case study will be reviewed to get a better understanding of commonly used approaches and complications that may occur. Some of the key points such as the role of ethics code and training will be discussed in great detail, and main ideas will be summarized.

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It is imperative to mention that the role of ethics in the workplace has been increasing over the years. Customers may have access to enormous amounts of information about a particular company and will support only the ones that are socially responsible and do not disregard ethics. One of the recent studies has shown that ethical culture has an enormous impact on the attitude of workers (Valentine, Hollingworth, & Eidsness, 2014). Such results indicate that this approach would be beneficial in the long-term and may be used to increase the efficiency of operations.

Ethics Code

One of the most significant aspects that should be discussed is that the existence of this document can be viewed as a particular form of defense, and an enterprise will be capable of avoiding numerous lawsuits. Criminal investigations also must be mentioned because they may be incredibly problematic most of the time and can hurt the reputation of the company or top managers (Terris, 2005). Moreover, it is paramount to understand that the content of such codes is of utmost importance. Also, the firm cannot defend itself from any possible issue, and these documents must be efficient because accessibility is highly valued most of the time.

Furthermore, it is necessary to devote attention to the development of the ethics code to avoid criticism. It is imperative to note that such documents may be viewed as a core of ethical culture in a particular enterprise and can be used to establish an environment in the workplace that would support changes. Also, it may be necessary to set goals that need to be achieved, and it may be possible to create a culture in the company with the use of principles. For instance, aspects such as honesty, integrity, respect, trust, responsibility, and citizenship that are suggested by Lockheed may be regarded as incredibly efficient (Terris, 2005).

The fact that the company does not accept any discrimination or unfair treatment is also important, and it helps to increase the efficiency of operations because employees may not have to deal with such problems as harassment in the workplace and depression. Moreover, every single worker should have an understanding of all the aspects of the code because it has been developed to protect their interests. Also, it is necessary to understand that this approach is beneficial in the long-term because it reduces any possible risks related to lawsuits and other issues. The image of the company is of utmost importance, and the ethics code ensures that it is not damaged.

Furthermore, it is imperative to understand that the role of the ethics code should not be disregarded, and the company must base its decisions on such principles.

Ethics Training

It is important to note that the involvement of workers in the whole process is necessary because they may make valuable suggestions and they have a better understanding of issues that occur in the workplace. The approach that is used by Lockheed can be considered efficient because new information is much easier to remember and it draws the attention of listeners. Such tools as graphics, videos, and others are also used, and it indicates that the enterprise is ready to devote significant amounts of resources to support such activities. The use of surveys is also an interesting approach because it can be used to identify if any issues are present and a company may get a better understanding of how training may be improved in the future (Terris, 2005).

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Discussions of real situations in the workplace are quite important because individuals may have different perspectives on a particular case, and it is necessary to reach a consensus. Moreover, it is paramount to note that approaches used by Lockheed are incredibly useful because the knowledge of workers increases if they participate in the process, and their decision-making skills are also improved most of the time.

Moreover, another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that problems are frequently introduced because of new approaches and technologies. For instance, many employees may not have an understanding of issues and what course of action must be taken in a particular situation (Wilbanks, 2013). Moreover, it may be quite problematic because they are not provided with the necessary information.

Success and Ethics

It is necessary to understand that it may not be an easy task to measure the efficiency of such activities. However, the progress needs to be assessed to determine if this approach is justified from the economic perspective. The use of surveys may be regarded as effective in this situation because questions are well-developed, and an analysis of answers that are received would be useful. An enterprise would be capable of seeing issues that are currently present and would get a better understanding of aspects that are in need of improvement. It is necessary to understand that the way ethics are viewed by workers changes all the time, and it is possible to compare data to see if any progress has been shown over the years.

Moreover, it is imperative to mention that the focus on continuous improvement should not be overlooked, and the company takes all the necessary measures to support the development of ethical culture in the enterprise (Terris, 2005).

Ethics Program

An introduction of ethics officers can be viewed as a unique approach, and a group of individuals that focus primarily on ethics would help to ensure that the program is effective, and everything is going according to the plan. Also, it is necessary to understand that advice and counseling are of utmost importance, and employees must understand that the enterprise is willing to offer support. Moreover, Lockheed tries to make sure that the level of accessibility is reasonable, and ethics officers are actively participating in all processes (Terris, 2005). Every single employee may contact such a professional with the use of hotline to make a report or discuss a particular issue.

Anonymity is important in this case, and it is valued by many individuals. The hotlines that have been established are especially important because they are used to ensure that issues related to ethics are resolved promptly, and severe complications are avoided. The experience in this area is also critical, and it increases the efficiency of decisions. Moreover, the role of investigations also needs to be discussed. They are necessary because a particular case may be viewed from different perspectives, and it may help to resolve an issue peacefully. Also, another factor that differentiates the approach that is used by Lockheed from many others is that even minor cases are reviewed.

The problem that should not be overlooked is that enormous numbers of cases are not reported because workers are worried about their reputation and think that it may affect employment. Furthermore, it is necessary to establish a system that would support reports and each employee should have an understanding of possible consequences and complications that may occur. The current approach has helped to increase the level of creativity, and evaluations can be conducted to identify issues. Moreover, it is important to understand that it would not be possible if the company did not devote enormous amounts of resources to support the program and the role of leadership also should not be disregarded.

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In conclusion, it is evident that the role of ethics should not be overlooked, and the enterprise that focuses on such aspects may be incredibly profitable.

The importance of training also needs to be mentioned because an enormous percentage of the population does not have an understanding of ethics, and such knowledge is vital for any business. Also, it is important to mention that the focus on particular objectives is necessary most of the time, and it helps to keep track of the progress. Overall, the approach that is used by Lockheed is incredibly useful and should be used as an example of a company that wants to introduce such programs.


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