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Business Communication: Values and Ethics


Values are personality or particular behaviors that are taken as sensible; they commonly represent the person’s uppermost priorities. Values include our thoughts, opinions and also beliefs. Whether the individual is aware or unaware, the person operates according to the coordination of the values. All the things that you do, and the decisions you come up with, originate from your personal system of principles that are either conscious or unconscious. Ethics deals with the question of whether something is wrong or right. It can be described as the code of the rules that are not written and directs how an individual behaves towards other people (McCoy, p. 56).

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A person makes choices all the time and perhaps never ceases to think about their individual values. All the same, personal values and ethics exhibit themselves at work every time. Plainly defined values help a person in all the things that they do. High-quality knowledge of an individual’s values will help the person take responsibility for their decisions and also in his or her career (McCoy 102). The best way to understand our individual values is through personal assessment. The leader should evaluate the values that they term as very important and how they affect other people or employees in the organization. The same thing should be done to the things that the person views as unimportant and the effects they have on all people in an organization.

Another method to recognize the source of the values is to question your principals. As a leader the more you get to know your principals, the more the leader is in a position to tackle and make critical decisions in the organization. While values are taken as the things that are much valued, ethics is the question of whether something for instance an action or spoken word is right or wrong as we try to gain what we desire. Leaders should value their honesty and also their integrity. Leaders at all levels should avoid false information or coming up with some mythical testimonials (McCoy, p. 189).

Leaders should know the things that they value. They should be aware of the significance of principled behavior. The leaders who have good leadership qualities should exhibit their principles and beliefs which are usually reflected in their kind of leadership style and deeds. In order to gain trust from the people that they head in an organization, leaders should identify and share the values that they have. A manager should select the values and principles that they are attached to and make them visible to people whom they are leading (McCoy, p. 216). Letting the subjects know the values that their leaders have enables them to gain interest and help the leader to lead effectively and influence others towards the attainment of the organization’s goals.


In conclusion, values and morals are crucial to the success of any organization. Realizing values and the ethics means deciding on central values that should be used as a guide in any organization. Motivating the leaders to go after their personal ethical progress is critical at grand levels; this is because the leaders should lay down the moral environment for the organization. Ethical development is more crucial than professional development. Coming up with ethics that are based on excellence needs a high level of commitment from the leaders. This is because they should embody and progress virtues and wisdom in the leadership styles (McCoy, p. 229).

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