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Personal Leadership Brand for Women


Every leader has a unique leadership style that defines his/her style of governing the juniors with each style depending on the situation, organization policy and the leader himself. This leadership method is often associated with the leader and is frequently branded with the leader. These styles are so many with varying degrees of success that it becomes practically to select the best style (Wharton School, 2005, para. 11).

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The aim of the paper is to define a personal leadership brand for women to be successful in today’s business world.

Leadership Brand for Women

In a business organization, the brand is the company’s culture and in essence, the customers buy that culture when they purchase the firm’s goods and/or products. The best way to showcase this culture is by bringing everyone on board when it comes to decision making and should be applied by the women leaders in order to be successful in today’s business world. This brand of leadership is referred to as inclusive leadership.

Inclusive Leadership

This is a leadership brand that entails opening oneself to ideas from other people, mainly employees, both executive and non-executive. It implies taking a step back and recognizing that not one leadership brand is effective in any organization, therefore, it makes use of the talent within the organization. As an inclusive leader, it is imperative to first take note of ideas from other employees and apply these during the final decisions as may deemed appropriate. Inclusive leadership is a form of democratic or participative approach that ensures that all employees have their input in decision-making processes, it should be noted, however, that the leader has authority in making the final decision and this should be binding to all employees.

Implementation of Inclusive Leadership

Implementation of the inclusive leadership brand is a seven-step process as outlined below:

  1. Identification of the most important information to be made available to employees;
  2. Assessment of the communication channels within the organization, this involves identification of the most effective route for sharing information within the organization;
  3. Reviewing the efficiency of the existing communication channels within the firm;
  4. If the assessment reveals that the current communication systems are not effective in reaching employees at all levels, the problem areas are identified;
  5. Develop and execute a strategy for establishing efficient communication channels within the firm. Such strategies should include new recruits, present employees and even those who work remotely;
  6. Creation of a medium for evaluating the effectiveness of information systems within the firm at each managerial stage; and
  7. Review of the evaluation method in order to ascertain that information is accessible by all staff members of the firm. Such a medium must ensure that communication within the department and between departments are accurate (Lieberman, n.d, para. 1).

Implications of Applying an Inclusive Policy

The growing calls to implement an inclusive form of leadership points to its success in enhancing the organization’s culture. Inclusion ideas seem to have been successful in reforming organizations and promoting their cultures, hence asserting their market presence and this subsequently leads to the success of the organization. A leader can best understand the organization through in the social framework by implementing this leadership model, failure to adopt this leadership brand can result in the failure by an organization to meet its objectives and this could signify the leader’s failure too.

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