Career Exploration Into Policing

Steps in the department’s recruitment process

The department of the Ohio state police has immense and significant aspects that are usually put into consideration during the recruitment process of potential police officers. Great consideration is taken into serious account where everyone in the recruitment process is considered the same as the other no matter from which particular group one comes from (John & Mike 1996). These recruitment criteria in Ohio and all the parts in the country ensure that there are no minorities or dominant groups in the police department. Before the recruiting process, the recruits have to have the knowledge in mind of what is expected and required of them.

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Steps in the selection process

The police selection process is extensive, complex, and competitive. It basically entails a series of assessment, interviews, and analytical steps intended to choose the overall best candidate to employ to a police division from all that are in great need of the job. A written ability test is usually given to the candidates to ascertain their deductive reasoning written comprehension and expression as pertaining the aptitude accordance to this the personal interviews.

The recruit during the selection process has to ensure that he or she is able to submit a well completed application form to ensure that they are dually assured of the selection process(Robert & Kim 2002).. This is followed by a written examination entailing the normal examination usually given. This written examination is set to establish whether the recruit is versed with the writing skills.

New advanced test have been developed and great interest has been focused on the use of computer technology in Ohio state police departments. This test is aimed at reducing bias which will tend to favor some recruits and live out the most potential prospects. Conduction of an oral interview is the next step in the selection process where the applicant will be examined on character significant to the police officer place, as well as command existence, truthfulness, program communication skills, open-mindedness for stress, sentence, and certainty.

The next step entails psychological testing where the assessment of the ability to make rational decision is considered. this test focuses on the background of the applicant and tries to eliminate cases with past psychological disorders (Robert & Kim 2002).The recruits are then subject to a polygraph examination to ascertain whether the information being given is valid or not. The physical wellness and the medication test then follow in the selection process this are to determine whether the health of the applicant is at risk or not.the medical tests usually focuses more on the wellness and whether the applicant had drugs intake. When all this cases have been tackled, the superintendent reviews the files for clarification.

The training process

The initial state of training involves the recruit training which is involved in making sure that the officers are able to understand the state laws a fact that provide them with the idea of what their job entails. The officers have to attend a formal training in an academy. The recruits who have recently graduated are usually subjected to the field training to supplement the theory they had passed through at the academies from (John & Mike 1996 ). They are also subjected to the use of fire arms where the effective use of fire arms are vividly focused and correct identification of the use is proposed.The training also focuses on the in service training where the skills and knowledge of veteran officers is updated.


John D; Mike N (1996) Investigation into the training and non-stop specialized development of members of the P F of.Bristol University of the West of England -82p.

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Robert L Kim S (2002) Trainers’ Development Programme: evaluation. Harrogate state Police Training 146.

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