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Career Opportunities for Business Students

Education Requirements

The creation of a career in business is one of the major goals for millions of students around the globe. Some people prefer to choose a clear path for their education; still, many famous businesspeople admit that even the presence of a high school diploma is not critical for their success (Scudamore). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Bachelor’s degree program is the most effective way to obtain in-depth business education. However, in some cases, people want to continue their education and strive for master’s degrees in specific areas like business administration.

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Professional Organizations to Join

There are many academic and practice opportunities for students to strengthen their skills and gain the required knowledge, and joining a professional organization network is an option. As a rule, colleges and universities provide their students with a list of facilities that are ready to cooperate. Such activities promote interactions between people with similar interests who support and exchange experiences to succeed (Ward). In the business field, the American Management Association, the Academy of Human Resource Development, or the American Marketing Association can be effective for career development.

Current Student Enrollment

Nowadays, young people are free to choose their future education by evaluating a variety of specific schools, colleges, and universities. In Texas, as well as nationwide, the University of Texas at Austin is recognized due to its opportunities for students. At this moment, it is #7 among U.S. public colleges and # 32 among the best global universities (“Facts & Figures”). In 2018, its total student enrollment was about 52,000 (“Facts & Figures”). Its McCombs School of Business is known to many people, and its current total enrollment is 4666 (“Career Statistics”). However, the number continues growing, as well as the impact of business careers.

Salary Ranges

Salaries usually determine the choice of people about their future careers. In the business sphere, medium salaries vary from $49,000 to $89,000, depending on the area of the chosen business and the level of experience (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Sometimes, business employees who have just entered the field could earn about $30,000, but within the next five years, this number could increase up to $50,000 or even $90,000.

Current Job Prospects

When an individual chooses a business major, it is necessary to get prepared for the development of valuable skills and knowledge. College students succeed in writing business documents, communicating, and developing projects at different levels (Profita). Therefore, their current job prospects are usually impressive compared to many other spheres. If a final choice is not yet made, such alternatives as accounting, management counseling, financial analytics, and business reporting should be considered.

Future Job Prospects

With time, the future may be remarkably improved due to the possibility of strengthening a variety of business skills, practical moments, and experience exchange. People with the highest business degrees can easily open doors to large organizations in their cities or globally. Such processes as globalization and industrialization have already shaped the world of business and enlarged future job prospects from individual business representatives to international examiners.

Opportunities for Owning Business

Some people want to know if there are additional opportunities for owing their own business if they choose business as their major. There are usually doubts about the possibility of succeeding independently with a Bachelor’s degree in business only. However, the human resource market is large, and it is easy to find partners or similar-minded people to focus on the development of their own business. Therefore, the presence of business-related skills is a unique contribution to such a dream.

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Summary & Conclusions

In general, educational requirements for the business career, as well as current and potential opportunities, deserve attention and recognition. Many people are afraid to join this field because of the necessity to work hard and compete with a variety of other organizations. However, the raise of salaries, the current student enrollment, and job choices prove that business is extremely important for modern society, the United States, and the world.

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