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Career Counseling Overview

The career counseling session is devoted to the appropriate career intervention developed for the group of students with common interests and skills. The principal task of the counseling process is centralized around accounting career making. The group of students is to understand the main goals and professionalism they have to develop to become skilled and experienced accountants.

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The career counseling session is divided into the following parts:

  • Accountant profession identification;
  • Necessary Skills possession;
  • Benefits of the career;
  • Major tasks for the student’s professional development.

Accountant career is aimed at the fulfillment of such important tasks as an organization, collection, analysis, and storage of the information covering all company financial transactions. This qualification is considered to belong to the most advanced in the current era of financial development. The preparation of tax reports, order and daily sales reports, checking the documentation and various movements within financial resources are to be professionally done by a skilled and qualified accountant.

The group of students is to develop many skills and obtain particular knowledge in the sphere of finance and analytical study to make a good career in accounting. Training and studies within the group of students should be aimed at through study of the mathematics which is considered to be one of the principal subjects for specialists in this field. Besides, students are to be skilled in analytical thinking and figures interpretation. The session is to disclose and identify the students’ skills and reflect major mistakes to be improved in the future for successful career making.

The group of students is united according to their interests and level of analytical skills; students’ interest in accounting career can be explained by the benefits of this profession in the modern world. Accountants have some advantages in the current job market; a skilled professional can have large opportunities of seeking credentials from all professional societies. Nowadays accounting is the background of successful business running that is why students obtaining the necessary skills in this sphere would have an opportunity to have become specialists in great demand.

Students from the session group are to demonstrate a deep knowledge of general accounting theory and reflect on their background skills in the analytical study. It is important to stress that students are expected to possess efforts and desire in studying such subjects as commerce, finance, and economics. In the future they are to develop their skills in business-related courses; besides, this profession is considered to be related to legal aspects, that is why students are to pass successfully Public Accountant examination to get a good and promising job. Most companies are interested in experienced specialists as this profession requires great attention and skillful attitude to all tasks, so, students are to understand the necessity to develop their future professionalism from the first lessons and courses. The needs in career development lie in obtaining all analytical skills allowing students to express their knowledge in every field of accountancy. (Accountants and Auditors, 2009)

The career of the accountant is considered to be a demanded one and offers great opportunities to skilled specialists. The main task of the student group is to develop all the necessary skills and obtain the knowledge which is important in accounting career making. Students will have an opportunity to become good specialists working in the interesting and profitable sphere.

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