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Catechism of the Catholic Church on Jesus Christ


The one lord Jesus Christ is such a description of a being with distinction. As much as religion is concerned many people have different beliefs and faiths that they hold unto. For the Christians the great faith speaks of the trinity with the figure Jesus being God the son as one person of the three persons i.e. God the Holy Spirit and God the father. With Jesus having shared human form and being the mediator of mankind nations across the world have different terms with which they refer to him. Many historical interpretations refer to him as a sovereign being far above all creation. The bible has been one key source of all manner of referrals on regard to the one Lord Jesus.

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From the bible and related documentations the reflection of Jesus is as one who was before creation and actually everything was created through him. Now, there is a constant clarity in all sources that there is one sovereign deity, the almighty God who is God the father but the revelation of his son and actually his manifestation was done far much later as flesh and blood in human form. This was a typical introduction in his manifestation about two thousand years ago as a light to the world and in the revelation as God with us. When Jesus went back to the father he promised us to come back to his disciples and he did as the Holy Spirit who is the mighty counselor of brethren and so actually the three in one aspect is such a consubstantial trinity.

Begotten of His Father Before All Worlds

In the very beginning God started by creating the heavens and the earth and this is a clear indication that there was a beginning for creation by God and for everything that exists outside God himself and actually it is him who is the creator. So in essence God was and is the one that was even before the creation, for the creator must precede the creation. In other very familiar terms, in that very beginning was the Word and actually this Word was God and indeed creation was done through him the Word. There is great reference therefore from the Old Testament right then from creation as indicated in the introductory message of creation in the bible. In the New Testament this is clear and it is a confession in the church and generally in the Christian faith that the Holy Spirit by whom Jesus was born has the creative action and in other words a giver of life. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, pt. 1, par. 290-292). According to the New Testament, the book of John states

001: In the start, there was the word, and the word was with Him, and the word was Him
002: The same was at the beginning with God.
003: All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.
004: In him was life; and the life was the light of men. (King James Version, John. 1.1-4)

There is a lot and clear emphasis that Jesus was the Word and that creation was done by him and really, a creator comes first before the creation and such if Jesus was the Word then he precedes the creation.

There are more emphases as they are done in the book of Colossians and they address the same subject more Cleary. “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him.” (King James Version, Colossians 1.16). It is thus a reality that before the world was, Jesus was as the Word that which was revealed later as flesh and blood, became light that shone to the world. The implication here is that he was begotten of the father way before his birth.

God Of God, Light Of Light, Very God Of Very God

It is inseparable to define Jesus not exactly as God. There is no confession that there are three Gods, but there is a confession that there are three divine persons and they don’t share divinity but each is whole and divine. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, pt. 1. par. 253-256) It is the implication of the bible in the New Testament that Jesus being the Word was made into flesh through birth by Virgin Mary. In the form of a human being with flesh and blood he actually dwelt among the people beholding his very nature and glory of God as he really was. (King James Version, John 1. 14) He was brought up in the very manner of man but he had an exemplary character and wisdom. At an early age of even twelve years, he would challenge the temple priests with his great wisdom and accuracy about the things of the kingdom of God.

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His persistent and passionate hunger for godliness and to serve mankind telling the goodness of the kingdom of heaven and how to be part of the same was such a light to many. His great works illustrating that the power of God was mighty and active in him proving that he was the foretold Messiah and light to the word. The explanation of Apostle Peter for Jesus is that of a beloved son of God who came and shone in a dark place and realized himself as a day star that has shone in the hearts of many. (King James Version 2 Pet. 1.16-18) The manifestation of the lord Jesus as the Messiah and the son of God in Israel and indeed a savior to the world began with an adorable welcome right at his birth, by the wise men who had come from the East. This was such an illustration that even the pagans discovered the messianic promise from the Old Testament, he being the light to the world. They actually worshiped Jesus as the Son of God as one to be the king of the Jews. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, pt. 1, par. 422-682)

There is such emphasis in the bible that Jesus was actually in the very nature of God but beholding his glory and indeed denying his image of power and majesty but rather accepting to carry the burden of our sins. He being esteemed far above angles and the heavens but was so humble amidst men to even accepting to die in their hands though had the power to deliver himself. He has been termed as the heir of all things through whom the worlds were made. (King James Version, Hebrews. 1.2-4)

Begotten, Not Made, But By Whom All Things Were Made

There is clear illustration that Jesus was and is the only begotten son of God. He was not made while the rest of the creation was being established. In any case everything was made by him for he was even in the beginning. Basically a creator but not part of the creation would be the best definition of Jesus. The birth of Jesus is elaborated as a unique case of child conception. The Virgin Mary was a Jewish lady who was engaged to a young man called Joseph and actually was in the process of courtship towards marriage. The Young man suspects that the lady and his fiancé were expectant and so he was like any other responsible person worried and concerned. He wanted to disengage Mary but in private. This however did not go for long before God sent an angel to the young man with an explanation of the whole scenario. Mary had not become unfaithful to her fiancée but the lord had appeared to her and informed her that she would conceive of the Holy Spirit. The angle explained that the birth would be to the fulfillment of a prophecy and that the child’s name would be Jesus. This was to mean God with us and to be the savior of the nations. (King James Version, Mathew, 1.18-21)

Many people do not however appreciate that Jesus is the son of God or the word of God and that he was not made. One big reason for many people is the fact that he like any other human person had his own place in human history. The capability to have two natures in one being is such a mystery and has not been clear to many. However the livelihood of Jesus ends in such a way rather too different. Besides the prophetic revelation of his livelihood, he himself prophesies his death. He actually dies and on the third day after his death rises again and reaffirms his being the son of God.

Being One Substance With The Father

Jesus told his disciples that those who had seen him had seen the father and actually he promised them that after his ascension he would be back in a little while and he did send the Holy Spirit. (King James Version, John, 14.1-21) He is actually sited on the right-hand side of God. For a long time in Israel, God revealed himself as one the Lord God of Israel, whom they were to love with all their hearts and should and indeed their might. God called them to himself as the only God of their salvation. These were such times when Israel would follow other foreign gods and worship them. By the word of the prophets God continuously called Israel and the nations to turn back to him for he is the only one God besides who there is no other. In the New Testament, God Jesus actually affirms that God is the one and only God who must be loved with heart, strength, soul and with is the lord and as well who must be loved with one’s mind. At the very same time, from Jesus we get an understanding that he himself is Lord who must be loved. Actually confession of Jesus as Lord and savior is one fundamental basis in the Christian faith and this is not to be any controversy but actually to illustrate that Jesus is one substance with the father. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, pt. 1. par. 201-202)

Jesus has the abounding reflection of God in the manner of power, authority and majesty. As explained in the “The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ,” Jesus in his ministry demonstrated outstanding wisdom that not even the wisest men of his era would fathom. It is really clear that the life and ministry of Jesus was such a clean life in the sense that though he was himself human, was tempted like any other human he never gave in to sin. Even the greatest of prophets in the scriptures has at one point or another been caught up in sin but Jesus was all through Holy. He overcame with such divine walk that would qualify to be called one with the father. (Connolly, 12-18)

Who for Us Men And for Our Salvation Came Down From Heaven

There are so many views to the reason of the revelation of Jesus and one greatly referred is the essence of salvation. The world had become so corrupt at some point that it was destroyed by floods. These were the times of Noah in the biblical history. Later enough, the world again becomes filth before God but then the love of God the Father for the world could not allow him see the world perish out of its sins. Due to this great love God gave up his one and only son and as explained at large in the bible, his only begotten son so that whoever could make up his mind believe in him as the true word of God and light to the world would inherit the Kingdom of God. Whoever would doubt that would have no chance than to perish in his sins. (King James Version, John. 3.16)

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Commonly any person that gathers his mind to confess with his own mouth about the lordship of Jesus and the forgiveness of sins in his death and resurrection is considered saved. In the course of actually believing this at heart with regard to what one confesses realizes one is justified or righteous before God. (King James Version, Romans 10.9-10) The implication for the messianic suffering is upheld as a relief for mankind from agony and suffering. Instead Jesus is reckoned as a man of many sorrows and grief. In actual sense he suffered and so took our sorrows, this is far much a great act of salvation for mankind from their transgressions. He was wounded for many to realize their healing and liberty, a key prophecy by prophet Isaiah. (Taylor, 148)

And Was Incarnate by The Holy Ghost of The Virgin Mary and Was Made Man

Jesus’ incarnation and to mean the word become flesh is the key to our salvation. God’s love for us made him give up his only and begotten son and by the power of the Holy Spirit and was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and was hence made man. This was to reconcile mankind to God and to their salvation. This was to allow man to see and know the full capacity of God’s love. It was the manifestation of God’s love for us all that we may perish not but rather be given a model and icon of holiness from which people would learn the will of God the Father, Jesus being the perfect example. God commanded that he be listened to during his transfiguration as the true voice of God. The word of God became Flesh and man for that matter so that even man could partake in the divine nature of God. This was a sign of adoption into sonship in the kingdom of God along with Jesus as the firstborn. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, pt. 1. par. 456-460)

There is an emphasis on the fact that he was born of a woman like any other human child, this introduces Jesus in a world of sin in the very way that many children have been bone. He was brought up as a young boy and actually experiencing the very upbringing and routine of a Jewish male child, circumcised on the eighth day and life was as human as possible. He did not prove any different to other children physically. However in his growth he had favor before many and before God himself as a very wise child who spent good time in the temple, accompanying his parents to festivities and Jewish Cultural events. As he grew even before he started his ministry, Jesus had great power in himself, only time was to prove when to start ministry. One day in the company of his friends and his parents at a wedding party at Cana of Galilee, Jesus’ power is stirred with surprise. The wedding wine run out and the party was not over, Jesus mother was one of the few who knew the power in Jesus beyond his human nature and she put Jesus on the call for a solution Jesus was astonished between being himself as a man among other men, maybe to offer a local solution of buying more wine or acting in his Godly image and working a miracle. He actually was overcome by her mother’s persistent trust as the son of God and solution to impossibilities and ended up performing a miracle though privately, in actual sense many people only wondered why the sweeter wine later. (King James Version, John. 4.1-5)


The only one lord Jesus had a paramount duty to serve and suffer for man, born of a virgin woman mysteriously through the power of the Holy Spirit as such one substance with God the father. The three divine persons are distinct from each other. The manifestation of each being ideal, God the father generates, God the Son is begotten and God the Holy Spirit proceeding. However, Each Person is wholly God of the three in one. Jesus as the begotten son of God who came down from heaven to earth to save mankind was such close manifestation of the trinity in the form of flesh and blood, the son of man. The whole incident happening in the deeply religious Jewish culture in Israel from far foretold prophesies. This happens in such a time when the traditional Jewish religious culture holds unto the ten commandments of Moses, a great prophet and Israel legendary priest and more keenly deliverer from ancient Israel’s captivity in Egypt. Actually the one Lord Jesus came to deliver the Israelites and Jews in particular but his revelation was not clear to many and they ended up rejecting him with ridicule and actually prosecuting him among two other convicts for lawlessness, the Jewish priests providing allegations against him. This however turns against them and for such rejection by his own, the rest of the world and gentiles getting the opportunity to accept him thus becoming not only a savior for Israel but for all mankind. Though he went to be with the father and is in his right hand, he is God with us. He promised us the Holy Spirit who is in the hearts of those who believe in Christ Jesus; no one can call him lord unless help of the Holy Spirit who is preparing the church of Jesus Christ to the will of God the father.

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